Creating Music Has Never Been So Easy - Thanks To M Audio Music Hardware

“Creating music and capturing it on your computer has never been so easy. Our company, MediaAtlantic, brings to you a variety of music hardware and creative tools that make the use of software to edit music easier than ever, which is definitely a benefit to computer-centric musicians and audio professionals” says Richard Johnson, music expert at MediaAtlantic.

Online PR News – 02-April-2009 – – Derby, March 31, 2009 – M Audio, a pioneer in the manufacturing of music hardware, provides some of the leading audio equipment available in the industry today. M-Audio, is a specialist in the manufacturing of keyboard controllers and audio interfaces, enabling every person in the music and audio industry to customise a studio setup. Known for its cutting edge technology, advanced engineering, and value-conscious pricing, M-Audio has also helped to bring the joy of creating high-quality music and digital capture to virtually anyone with the desire.

“The path breaking mix of M-Audio hardware and Pro Tools M-Powered software creates more opportunities by giving more choices for your production tools. Together they deliver the smooth flow of moving sessions between any places, from studios to the road. One of the highlights of our products is that they make use of software to edit music which will really attract the people in the music industry. There are many artists who use M-Audio products, some of these including DJ Sasha, Mark Isham, Black Eyed Peas, Brian Transeau, and Jimmy Chamberlin.” says one of the engineers of the company with much pride.

The M Audio music hardware, offers a variety of quality audio products including USB MIDI Controllers, a type of MIDI Controller or MIDI Controller keyboards. “The keyboards have several knobs which are user-definable and slide controls which can control the aspects of a synthesizer’s sound in real-time!” explains an audio engineer when asked about them. One of the benefits is that they are lightweight and portable. Take for instance, the ‘Axiom 25 Key Controller keyboard’. It is light in weight and compact in size but do not let this fool you. They offer a physically small interface to run Pro Tools and carry the most advanced features available.

The latest range of products is the Axiom Pro series which uses the latest technology available. The most advanced in this range is the M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 keyboard controller. It has a premium TruTouch action, proprietary HyperControl MIDI mapping technology and other cutting-edge enhancements. “These ranges of music related gadgets are some of the best our company, MediaAtlantic, offers. You can automatically map the commonly used parameters of popular software instruments and digital audio workstations including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and Reason systems, thanks to revolutionary M-Audio HyperControl technology.

One may argue that even other controllers offer mapping, but only the M-Audio Axiom Pro range consists of HyperControl technology. HyperControl makes the Axiom Pro work in synergy with your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), ensuring that your hardware and software function together as one to form a single work environment.” says an elated expert at MediaAtlantic. For more info log onto

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