Empire Formula Review - Broke College Student Sells $32 Million Online in Just 6 Years

The Empire Formula To Be Launched This October – Aspiring Millionaires Eagerly Waiting To Get Their Hands On It

Online PR News – 04-October-2010 – – “The Empire Formula was created and designed to help all those who want to excel and succeed in the Internet marketing industry". This is a training material which aims to give its readers a clear view of the business and provides reasons as to why some fail in it, while some become multi-millionaires.

Anik Singal is the author of The Empire Formula. He is one of the most respected Internet marketers because of the fact that he is one of the few people who have earned big in a very short span of time. After all, he was able to convert his $100 into $32 million in just a span of 6 years!

Anik is not a newbie when it comes to training those who want to understand the business. There are already two training programs under his name, PPC Classroom and Affiliate Classroom – which is one the best and most successful programs that have ever come out.

The Empire Formula however, is a more updated and complete version of the Affiliate Classroom. This will introduce new techniques and methods which will help anyone to become not only a better marketer, but the best that he can be.

Singal has a simple and understandable approach for teaching his students and readers – which has been proven to be more effective. As an experienced and successful marketer, he will teach those who are willing to be taught the things which one should do, like how to pick the best niche and how to get the first traffic, or how to become an expert marketer. He will also correct the lies and misconceptions that are spreading like wildfire in the Internet marketing industry.

What makes Anik Singal and The Empire Formula different from all other marketers out there is the fact that he is quite sincere in his quest to share his knowledge to the world. This attitude stems from the fact he believes that in order to become an effective Internet marketer one must be able to share his knowledge. After all, he says, in order to be good in business, one must be able to build and maintain good relationships as well.

Part 1 of Singal’s e-book is now available and can be downloaded for free in numerous websites all over. Anik's free report is said to reveal the exact formula that he used to make his first $300,000 online and then gorw it to reach $32 Million!

The Empire Formula is set to formally launch on October 26, 2010.

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