New BizTalk Development Features Found in BizTalk 2010

Introduction of BizTalk 2010 has made all involved in BizTalk development curious to know what’s new in it to help facilitate BizTalk application development process.

Online PR News – 04-October-2010 – – Curiosity always surrounds the introduction of latest version of any popular product used since years in the offshore software development world. September 2010 saw the commercial release of BizTalk 2010. All involved in BizTalk development can be seen curious with questions like how they will be able to use the latest version; what are its features and will it be useful to them and what system upgrade will be required to be able to use BizTalk 2010 for their future BizTalk application development needs.

Since it is the upgraded version it is sure to have some extra ordinary features which were missing in the previous versions for BizTalk development. It includes support to include various Microsoft technologies like SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010. Support for all these latest Microsoft applications would mean that the BizTalk application so developed would display greater reliability and scalability.

The four main areas where enhancements can be found include updated platform support, easier integration of enterprise applications, simpler solution manageability and enhanced enterprise interoperability. Support for development environment, server and database from Microsoft can be found. Development teams can experience all new application life cycle management and increases productivity.

Other feature found in BizTalk 2010 which is sure to boost BizTallk development is a new way to implement agile SOA integration solutions over Line of Business systems and heterogeneous technologies. Reinforced RFID and B2B capabilities will help a Biztalk developer to implement flexible point-to-point tracking and supply chain management solutions.

Features of BizTalk 2010 related to platform update, easier integration, lucid manageability and interoperability are sure to impress any BizTalk developer. Integrating it in systems is really easy and configures on its own with the existing system configuration. It can be downloaded for absolutely free from by simply clicking on to the download link.

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