KXK.me, Totally Free URL Shortening Service Comes With Pass Word Protection And Visitor Tracking

KXK.me is a totally free URL shortening service which helps users to shorten their URLs in just single click. Users will also be able to track their visitors using this URL shortening service and even pass word protect the access to pages.

Online PR News – 04-October-2010 – – Mumbai ,Maharashtra - KXK.me offer free URL shortening services and other value add services to help its users manage their domains better. Today newly launched websites are forced to take long domain names as all the short domain names have already been taken. There are number of drawbacks in having long string domain names. Customers will find it difficult to remember long domain names. Shorter domain names are much easier to remember. The traffic level of websites with long strings get affected very badly because people cannot remember the exact URL to the website.

Many companies lose their customers to their competitors because of this. Moreover, even if customers can remember the long string URLs, it becomes problematic when people actually type the long string URLs in the web browsers, there are more chances for typographical errors. Furthermore, it is also difficult to use long URLs in emails and in telephonic discussions. There are lot of chances for people to get the domain name wrong. Even a small mistake in typing the URL can lead customers to competitors’ websites.

As a free URL shortener KXK.me protects website owners from all these problems. Using this free service users will be able to get short URL for their websites in just single click. This short URL can be shared in the emails or over the phone. This is also highly helpful in social bookmarking. KXK.me offers other value add services free of cost. Users will be able to have password control over the shortened URL and limit the visitor access to the chosen group. This can be used to limit the number of visits to a given page and thereby have control over one’s bandwidth. Another value add feature is visitor tracking. Using this facility a lot of information about the visitors can be collected.

KXK.me is a safe for use and it does not collect any personal information from the users. This leaves no room for spamming. They do not contact the website owners in any way. This is a very simple and straightforward URL shortener tool. Many users make use of this tool to shorten their Twitter URLs. For more information and for quick URL shortening service please visit http://kxk.me/.