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Online PR News – 03-October-2010 – – is a free press release website, fully committed to delivering you a well written, thought out and media marketable press release. A press release that is fully committed and able to reach your targeted audience in a way that is not over bearing and fully usable in any advertising setting. All you have to do is input a press release with us, and we will showcase it. However, if you do not have a pre-written press release, feel free to contact us in regards to having on written for you.
So what exactly do you need a free press release for? A free press release is used to announce fundraising events and activities, and new products such as toys or electronics. A press release is also largely used by entertainment companies for books, music and films, and can also be used by celebrities public relations agents to aid in news stories. Not only is a press release the best way to effectively and efficiently reach your target audience, but it also saves you money.
The way a press release is set up is designed in itself to be effective. The company's name, address, contact information and product description is all included within the first opening and paragraph. This allows for editors to easily scan the release, and quickly decide if they would like to display and advertise the product. Now makes sure releases are sent to trade magazines, newspapers, and even websites. Basically anything that the marketer can use to reach its target audience easily. Due to it's size, spacing, and ability to hold lots of content in a small amount of space, a press release could be run by the trade magazine or media outlet in one eighth the amount of space as a normal editorial, which can cost up to thousands of dollars. The nifty part is that a press release contains the same amount of information as a full-sized advertisement. offers you the service of free press release distribution and also can act as a ghost writer service.

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