K2 Incense up in Smoke? K2 Herb, K2 Smoke

A new exciting product, K2 Incense, is taking the world by storm. Is K2 Herb a new mystical incense or something more? Read On...

Online PR News – 03-October-2010 – – k2 incense is a botanical blend of natural plants that is used for aromatherapy purposes. K2 herbal incense contains a mixture of traditional herbs. These herbal blends come in a few varieties, each with its own unique blend and scent. The different varieties of k2 herb are Summit, blonde, Ultra, Pink, Blue, Citron and a few others aromas. The different varieties range from bold full bodied aromas to light more subtle boutiques. K2 incense is sold in a variety of sizes. The smallest you can purchase is a one gram bag , although the most common is a three gram bag. The other sizes are nine gram bags and 30 gram bags.

Incense have been a popular form of aromatherapy based relaxation and enhancement for a long time. Incense have been used to sooth and calm people for centuries. Some have even been used for purposes of focus and meditation. These newly derived botanical blends are the next step in the progression of incense and aromatherapy. Many medical minds agree that aromatherapy can be a very affective form or relaxation and in turn are a good combatant against the daily strain of stress in everyday life as well as people with clinical depression and other stress related ailments.

The most popular varieties of k2 smoke are Summit which is a well balanced extremely smooth incense, and is one of the first fragrances developed in the K2 line. The other more popular fragrances is K2 Ultra. With Ultra a little bit, goes a long way! Although more expensive than the Blonde or the Summit, the K2 Ultra's ability to deliver strong aromatic effects with a tiny bit of mixture used makes this variety more bang for the buck and delivers a delightful rich luscious aroma. Other blends provide the aroma of more well known fragrances such as blue (blueberry) strawberry, melon, mint, pineapple and citron.

For anyone who know the effects incense can have and how enjoyable and relaxing they can make any setting. These aromatherapy blends provide anyone around them with bold upfront fragrances or subtle aromatics.

Now available from the main USA manufacturers, Realk2incense.com and K2legalsmoke.com, is K2 Avalanche. The new K2 avalanche is legal everywhere!

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