Taipei Mercantile Exchange (TPMEX) Unveils ' - Mktplc' - Everyone's Market-in-the-pocket

Big data, analytics, research and expert advice on the Taiwan market for all

Online PR News – 18-January-2016 – Taipei – Taipei Mercantile Exchange (TPMEX) today launched TPMEX - Mktplc (spoken name: ‘TPMEX Marketplace’), giving a comprehensive view with rich market information and insights of the Malaysian market - what every investor and trader needs in one place.

This is a first-of-its-kind virtual marketplace that brings a unique user experience and engages the investors especially new investors, to access market knowledge, market insights and trading ideas as they chart their ‘Trip to Trade’ and at the same time grow their financial literacy.

Retail investors and traders stand to benefit as everyone now have access to big market data and analytical tools, such as Alpha Factor quantitative tools, previously limited to institutional and expert investors.
The launch was officiated by Yang H. Guohui, CEO of Taipei Mercantile Exchange at the first Capital Market Marketplace Gathering organized by TPMEX.

Yang H. Guohui, CEO of Taipei Mercantile Exchange introduced TPMEX - Mktplc as a game changer for the marketplace, stating, “For the first time an Exchange is bringing together in one place all market participants - brokers, analysts, opinion leaders – in a collaborative partnership to share research, market insights and trading ideas to empower Taiwanese to invest and trade confidently.”

“There is something for everyone on TPMEX. With TPMEX - Mktplc we are putting the ‘market-in-the-pocket’ of all Taiwan’s investors by providing online access to comprehensive, objective and accurate information about our marketplace. Through the use of digital and social media we are connecting to new markets by engaging a new generation of investors particularly Taiwanese’s “baby boomers”, those between 25 – 35 years of age,” he further emphasized.

About Taipei Mercantile Exchange
Taipei Mercantile Exchange ( is Taiwan’s senior commodities market, providing issuers with a venue for trading capital and providing domestic and international investors with the opportunity to invest in and trade. TPMEX offers additional execution options to the industry through differentiated features and pricing. From gold exploration in China to oil in Kazakhstan, you can find it traded on Taipei Mercantile Exchange (TPMEX). And, there's good reason TPMEX has a significant market share of trading in interlisted symbols - with its technological sophistication, and business, governance and regulatory models, TPMEX continues to set new standards as a Asian leader positioned at the forefront of global marketplaces.

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