European Domain Centre launches the Express Brand Protector

"A son of a ...... has registered the .FR domain name matching our company name" - not anymore. With the Express Brand Protector you will be one step ahead of the greedy domain pirates.

Online PR News – 01-October-2010 – – European Domain Centre now introduces the Express Brand Protector for brand owners. Stay one step ahead of the greedy domain pirates when signing up to the indivualized email alerts every time a new top level domain is launched.

"Domain names are not classified as trademarks, but a domain name dispute is always about a trademark infringement", says Christopher Hofman, the director of European Domain Centre

He continues "It´s a fact that companies and organisations are very attentive to register their brands as trademarks, but don´t spend a minute of their time considering to protect the brand as domain names. Any brand owner who isn´t prepared for what´s coming the next years will multiply their legal expenses on their Intellectual Property account. Or ignore the problem and suffer in silence, while their brand gets dragged through the mud."

In 2010 ICANN approved a record 10 new domain extensions. But that is just the beginning. In the next years they will open up the super highway for domain launches. At the moment more than 50 new top level domains are considered.

Any attentive brand manager needs an alert system such as the Express Brand Protector. You can find more information at European Domain Centre´s website.