20 Something Kids Make 6 Figures Per Month - Offers Affiliate Course to Both Newbies and Pros Alike

Formal launching of the latest and most-awaited marketing course in the Internet is on October 12, 2010.

Online PR News – 01-October-2010 – – "Two young men in their early twenties clasped hands to form the alliance called the Insiders HQ and offer affiliate marketing courses to everyone interested to make lots of money online". These two gentlemen promise to reveal their secrets which both have developed through the few years that each of them discovered to be highly effective with astounding actual performance topping the charts in various websites servicing internet marketers.

Their credentials speak for them and the information about their outstanding feats seems undeniably genuine as the lists of high-grossers receiving six-figure monthly commissions appear on specific websites.

Ran Aroussi and Phil Mansour banded together to form Insiders HQ, a much talked-about training organization on affiliate marketing. First-timers, amateurs, novices, and experienced internet marketers are welcome to the series of Webinars.

What makes it special
None so far has designed such a comprehensive seminar on the Web that encompasses business development and traffic generation techniques which cannot be said of others who proposed training but left many in the cold. This pair of IM gurus has practically given away their intellectual properties over such rare chance to obtain the skills and knowledge about increasing traffic and accessing affiliate links creating a network of multiple leads and actual sales.

Where else would anyone find a generous educational training course which is interactive and treats participants to one-on-one sessions? Insiders HQ has innovatively designed what is called a monthly mastermind coaching group that will entertain questions from participants by putting them on the air and the presenters, Ran and Phil, will answer them in length. The activity is called the Bi-Weekly Q & A Calls.

Basic course content
There are two (2) 6-week marketing courses, plus two unannounced bonus weeks for each course, that effectively extends your productive two-course training to 14 weeks. Each week, training modules are delivered through the membership site.

Accompanying each module are multiple videos on the steps in building each participant’s Internet business. A participant or student can also opt to use MP3 audio version of training videos so that he can listen to them on his iPod or inside their car. In addition, the organizers have indicated the inclusion of Power Point slides that summarize the salient points for the day and which can be printed as these are in PDF format. Similarly, a checklist in PDF format for each module will be included and will help the students to trace the steps from where the previous module ended and where the current module is proceeding.

From the information supplied about this unique affiliate marketing program, the learning environment that Insiders HQ set up for the training course is interactive. A kind of mini-forum will be made available for students to participate in exchanging ideas and asking questions.

The affiliate marketing program promises the following benefits:
1. Business Development – Ran Aroussi will be responsible to discuss business development. Based on the Insiders HQ site, modules will have a segment on business development and this will be about various business models. Some examples given are Relationship Marketing, Profiting using OPT (Other People’s Talent), Lead Distribution, Rapid Product Creation, Community Leadership and more.
2. Traffic Generation Highlights – Phil Mansour will share the tried and tested formulas for success in generating traffic in internet marketing business by the participant or by a direct affiliate. The webinar modules will be take up topics on niche research, demographic testing, and techniques using PPC, CPV, Media Buying, International Traffic, Direct Mailing, Pay-Per-Call and many others.
3. Tools and resources – Participants will be given a list of recommended tools and resources. These are possibly software, data, advertising money, and many others.

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