India Emerging as a Hot spot for Global Construction Equipment Manufacturers

a new report on "Booming Construction Equipment Market in India" provides profound research and rational analysis of the Indian construction equipment industry. By RNCOS.

Online PR News – 01-October-2010 – – Booming Construction Equipment Market in India

World’s seventh largest country by area and second biggest by population makes India one of the most dynamically growing and still, largely untapped construction equipment industry. The country has witnessed massive investment in the construction industry from both public and private enterprises in recent years. Multibillion dollar investments made in constructing roads, ports, power plants, telecommunication sector, urban infrastructural developments, etc have paved the way for construction equipments demand to grow substantially in recent years. ( )

According to our research report “Booming Construction Equipment Market in India”, the construction equipment industry in India has witnessed consistent double digit CAGR growth over the past few years. The global economic slowdown had its moderate effects on the industry, but it regained growth momentum in FY 2010 and showed positive year-on-year growth. Particularly, the earth moving segment is driving the overall industry with strong demand emanating from government backed infrastructure projects. The segment is poised for an unprecedented CAGR of around 18% during FY 2011 – FY 2014.

Over the last 3-4 years, various new entrants made inroad to the Indian construction equipment industry. Some of the biggest names belong to Japan, the US and Korea. Besides, a number of domestic companies are either expanding their domestic capacities or diversifying their product portfolio. With the emergence of new market players and expansion plans underway, the industry is expected to become more competitive and fragmented. However, these new capacities will find their home quite comfortably in the domestic market amid growing mechanization and proposed large infrastructural projects.

Our report provides profound research and rational analysis of the Indian construction equipment industry. It provides information/statistics of all prominent market segments including earth moving, material handling, concrete equipments and road building equipments. Analysis of past, present and upcoming industry trends provide balanced market intelligence on the concerned industry. In addition, we have covered key industry players and their business description to examine industry’s competitiveness and growth potentials.

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