Jeffrey's Zone Coming To Dallas 2010

Jeffrey's Zone is a multi-venture company that will be focusing on creating and reviving a social and cultural scene in Dallas, Texas through arts and entertainment.

Online PR News – 18-September-2009 – – Jeffrey's Zone is forming a limited liability corporation, registered in the state of Texas. Jeffrey's Zone will provide infrastructure, management, marketing, security, and tech-support for all venues. Jeffrey's Zone is a multi-venture company that will be focusing on creating and reviving a social and cultural scene in Dallas, Texas through arts and entertainment.
Jeffrey’s Zone has designed a plan to bring people from Dallas County and surrounding areas with a diverse assortment of venues for all age groups to Dallas.
The immediate focus will be on the design and opening of Jeffrey’s Zone in Dallas, TX. Jeffrey’s Zone will be primarily targeting Dallas Counties demographic area with a multi-purpose entertainment facility. An in-house production company will book live music, comedy, performing arts, dance club theme nights, as well as other special events. Special events will be geared towards the public use of the facility. The daytime hours will be aimed at business people, families, corporate events, and other large groups by providing a place of social gathering, variety of food and entertainment. At night Jeffrey’s Zone will be formatted as a non-smoking, non-alcoholic entertainment facility.
With approximately 127,000 total square feet of space…(63,000 entertainment area and 64,000 dedicated towards food, table games, internet café and arena gaming, with over 600 points of sale), Jeffrey’s Zone will be available for small-to-mid-size conventions and civic groups (approx. 2880 attendance w/ open floor space) wedding rehearsals, proms, and of course, as a live music concert and dance venue for nationally-known, regional and local performers and groups. These plans also include special nights that will feature diverse music for all age groups.
A concession manager will be responsible for supervising the unique menu items (Gourmet Hotdogs, Roasted Corn On The Cob, New Orleans Snowballs, Loaded Baked Potato’s, New Orleans Po Boy Sandwiches, Cheesecake, Smoothies, Salad & Soup Bar, Specialty Coffees, Continental Breakfast Bar, Nachos, Candy, Popcorn, Soft Drinks, Ice cream and High Energy Beverages, to name a few) to be featured at the Internet café.
Internet access will be available through two hundred eighty-eight computer stations for those who need to be “connected” away from home and the office. Two hundred eighty-eight table games, (including 48 nine foot regulation pool tables) competition arena & cyber gaming, sports lounge and another twenty-four associated activities will introduce a technology theme for 21st century patrons. Color laser printer, copier and fax services will be provided.
All operations will be monitored from a centrally located home office in Dallas, which is also the business office location. With all the sound and lighting equipment that meets specifications for any national touring act, a in-house production company, and the possible concert promotion opportunities, this project is aimed at bringing cash flow to the company, thus creating significant shareholder value.
As covered earlier, the in-house production company (including sound and lighting engineers) will handle the securing of bands and individual performers, (musical or otherwise). This will also be the business model and creative office for development of forward-looking ideas for Jeffrey’s Zone future entertainment projects, which could include, but not limited to, publicity, public relations and marketing ideas.
Local off duty police officers will provide security. A well-lighted area in and around the facility and 192-recorded CCTV cameras are implemented to keep our patrons safe. The facility will meet all local and state fire & safety regulations.
Software that controls patron’s computer content, that will have filters to secure windows harmful activity and undesirable websites. Customers may order food directly from any computer station and have it delivered to their table.
Jeffrey’s Zone registered website members and friends will be able to see nightly activities through a live video/audio feed. This will enhance participation and interaction with regular customers. E-mail linking these functions will be sent daily.
In-house production equipment (in addition to our concert quality sound and lighting system) will include live stage recording of audio and video, karaoke, disco, talk radio, video monitors, follow spots, musical back line gear including guitar amps, keyboards and drum kits, 3 large LCD projection screens and podium with Teleprompters and broadcast quality camera signals for a Cable TV leased access channel. This equipment will also produce additional revenue with the rental of the facility. Our staff will be able to assist in booking entertainers for these special events.
Jeffrey’s Zone Development Plan:
The development plan of Jeffrey’s Zone will at the final stage of public input, prior to being put on public display. This plan will be our guide in the development of those concepts. While possibly not having the same impact as Man setting foot on the Moon, a modest but integral step by the multi-venture company Jeffrey’s Zone, has been the acquisition and planned development of this entertainment facility, as a multi-use venue that will be attractive to many people and organizations that currently do not enjoy that availability for their everyday and “special” events.
Jeffrey Fyffe
Managing Partner