ATCOA Announces the Auto BodyMan Hall of Fame

ATCOA, the leader in straightline sanders announces the Auto Bodyman Hall of Fame. Induction is open to ALL auto body repair craftsmen and their projects.

Online PR News – 01-October-2010 – – Dallas, TX - ATCOA, the leader in straightline sanders, announces the Auto Bodyman Hall of Fame. Induction is open to all auto body repair craftsmen and their projects. The Auto Bodyman Hall of Fame has been established to acknowledge the contributions of the hard working craftsmen, designers and artists involved in all aspects of autobody repair. Membership is open to metalmen, designers, customizers, auto painters, inventors, body shop craftsmen and autobody artists that have contributed to the industry. Founded by Karl Selander, lifetime bodyman and designer of the original ATCOA Viking Dual, the Hall of Fame is intended to celebrate the hard work and creativity of the men and women that have done the hard work of repairing auto bodies and those that have customized them to an art form. All Autobody repair craftsmen are invited to join at

Autobody craftsmen are invited to enroll in the Hall of Fame for permanent induction. Membership in the Auto Bodyman Hall of Fame is available to all autobody craftsmen and intended to recognize the hard work and creativity of the individual artists and craftsmen that restore the structural integrity, the curves and flat panels and original surfaces that express their pride in a job well done. It celebrates the creativity that raises sheet metal to trasportation art-form. ATCOA founder Karl Selander, believes recognition for the hard work and artistry is long over due. Today, the wait ends. ATCOA and Karl Selander have made a commitment to preserve the lives, personalities and history of the autobody repair industry. Auto Bodymen have supported ATCOA for over 47-years and ATCOA has supported their craft with the finest tools in the industry. Karl Selander has dedicated a lifetime to the industry, as have tens of thousands of other men and women. The Auto Bodyman Hall of Fame is the place to celebrate their careers, contributions and projects in the small garages and hot shops that are the cradle of invention. It is time to celebrate the fathers, brothers, sisters and co-workers that have made the industry great. Living or legend, this is the place to create a permanent record that will be updated continuously and submitted annually to national museums and industry archives as a history of this industry.

ATCOA, Inc., is the recognized leader in quality, durable, industrial grade, straight line air sanders introducing the first in the class with the Viking Dual Filer/Sander in 1963, Today ATCOA introduces the upgraded and performance enhanced Super Viking Dual straightline air sanders with dual piston power, and long shoe blocking. The new Super Viking Dual offers traditional ATCOA reliability and nexGen performance with the Patent Pending special sanding blade that delivers a 36/80 grit surface without sandpaper in seconds. The new blade eliminates filler dust and allows 100% recycling of unused fillers. ATCOA straight line long shoe air sanders have set the industry standard for performance and durability. ATCOA, Inc. has served the autobody repair industry for over 47 years, building a solid reputation for service, quality, innovation and competitive pricing. ATCOA delivers bodyshop tools for autobody repair pros.

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