Profits for Orphans Worth it, Says Lifeforce International Retailer
09/18/2009, an online retailer for Lifeforce International natural liquid supplements, is donating 10% of all profits from all purchases made in October to Rose of Sharon Welfare Organisation, an HIV/AIDS orphanage in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Online PR News – 18-September-2009 – – Not one person in America isn't saddened by the plight of 140 million orphaned children across the world. To know that the orphans have lost their parents to AIDS (and therefore the child may be HIV+ or have AIDS) seems to make the tragedy unbearable. For, an online retailer for Lifeforce International products, a campaign to raise funds for these kids seemed a necessity, not a nicety. Therefore, in the entire month of October, 10% of all profits from sales on the site ( will be given to Rose of Sharon Welfare Organisation, a nationally-recognized program in Zimbabwe to help AIDS/HIV+ and blind children.

"We actually have been involved with the Rose of Sharon ministry for about 10 years," said Carolyn Schlicher, co-owner of the Lifeforce member website. "We met a Zimbabwean woman named Fatima Maruta through our church while she was in the States to get her MBA. While she was here, she sensed God was leading her to go back and start a home for AIDS/HIV+ sibling-group orphans. In the short time we knew each other, it became evident to me that I was to help raise funds Stateside." Mrs. Maruta ent back to Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, and started to take in orphans into her own home while she taught at the University of Zimbabwe. Soon, there were compounds spreading in the city to help those specific orphans. The ministry now encompasses sibling groups orphaned by AIDS, babies who have been literally left in the gutter or on trash heaps by parents who won't care for them, and blind children.

Mrs. Schlicher got the idea for the campaign when Mrs. Maruta sent her annual status report and an urgent appeal for more funds. "She said that not only are the funds for education almost non-existent this quarter, there is a more pressing need of money just for food. It's my experience that people who appreciate wellness through nutrition tend to care about others' nutrition as well as theirs. I thought this would be a great way for others to provide for an urgent need while getting their own nutritional needs met using Life Force products."

While exact figures vary, 1 million of the 13 million people in Zimbabwe are orphaned and 15% of the entire population are HIV+. In all of the 53 African nations, 11.6 million re orphaned by AIDS.

Currently, Rose of Sharon provides intensified support for children who are infected and training in viable horticulture and soap and garment making so the children can help support the organisation. There are 100 orphans currently being served by Rose of Sharon and another 40 children who are being helped off of the 3 compound grounds because they still have one parent. Most of these parents are poor widows who are infected with HIV/AIDS. Mrs. Maruta also has future goals for Rose of Sharon. She wishes to start the "Moses Basket" project, a program much like the ones existing in the States where mothers can anonymously leave their unwanted babies in the lobbies of hospitals to receive future care and attention. She also desires to grow to 10 housing units and have a technical school built to teach life skills to children.

But Rose of Sharon cannot even think about pursuing these goals when they don't have enough money to feed the children. "My husband and I decided privately to use some profits from our Life Force Intl. business to help Rose of Sharon throughout the years, but given the urgent appeal I received, we thought others would want to help. Just think," Schlicher smiled, "people who buy Lifeforce Body Balance liquid vitamins, Osteo liquid calcium, herbal energy drinks, the Lifeforce Herbal Body Wrap, Lifeforce Colon Cleanse--absolutely anything sold on our site--in order to nourish themselves will be ultimately nourishing an orphan halfway across the world. That's the opposite of killing two birds with one stone. It's giving quality life to both parties."

An informational site about Rose of Sharon can be found online at . To make a tax deductable contribution to this ministry, send it to DCFE-Rose of Sharon, 5 E. Park Street, Elizabethtown, PA, 17022.