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The herpes virus has been affecting the world since olden days. The herpes disease is mostly like plague which has also no cure. Also it hides inside your nerves and because of this your body can’t fight these herpes virus. Herpes will find its place around public region later find a place in open lesions, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 02-April-2009 – – Fl, March 2009 - “After an outbreak it will retreats back deep into the nerves and settle there, because of this problem it is not easy to kill this virus. This is a highly spreading virus. So chances are high by getting this virus genetically.""The other way to spread this virus is by sexual relationships. Lots of medical research is going on to find a herpes cure. But still now no outbreak has come. But some other ways are there to keep this herpes disease in control, says Randy Heep of

She added that, “Even though we can’t get 100 % cure some antiviral medications can help to fight herpes and keeps the condition in control. Natural cure for herpes are also there but this is also not a complete cure.""Certain foods which contain the vitamin lycine is a natural remedy for herpes this vitamin can fight herpes virus. Some of the foods which contain this vitamins are beef, cheese, chicken, dairy products, eggs, fish, potatoes”.

Speaking on the move, Randy Heep said, “Nearly every one in this earth have got this herpes virus inside their body. But they are not aware of this virus because our body is fighting against this virus for most of the time. So the best way to protect your body from this disease is by not having sex .but that is not an option because it is not possible to live without having sex.""So better use condoms while having sex that too latex condoms. Other thing is to provide your body with lots of lysine’s .mostly around 2 to 5 grams of lysine is enough for cold sore cure. Cold sure is one of important problem caused by these herpes virus. During the stress times only this cold sore will probably appear. The best way to keep your stress level to a lower level is by good sleeping only. So sleep well and stays out of cold sore”.

This website is a place where you can get a range of vaccines for this herpes virus which will fight the virus by not letting it to damage you.

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