Witness Preparation, Jury Consulting/Selection Services from Body Language Expert Dr. Lillian Glass

As a highly respected body language analyst and communication expert, Dr. Lillian Glass' unique skills are invaluable to any attorney, assisting as a jury consultant, helping with jury selection, and facilitating a positive transformation of clients during witness preparation.

Online PR News – 29-September-2010 – – A leader in the field of body language analysis and communications, Dr. Lillian Glass offers specialized body language services for attorneys, primarily centered on jury consulting, jury selection, and witness preparation. Having trained top Academy Award winning Hollywood actors, politicians, world leaders, and sports figures to enhance their communication skills and patterns over the years, Dr Glass now brings her insights to the legal field.

While an attorney is the expert on facts and evidence, Dr. Glass helps with the elements of the trial that remain unspoken—and perceptions drawn from the nonverbal communication in a courtroom, whether it is during jury selection or the way witnesses carry themselves—that can make all the difference.

“Studies prove time and again that what is not said in a courtroom is critical. Helping attorneys ‘read’ potential jurors, analyze jury perception, and evaluate and correct witness demeanor has a much greater bearing on outcomes than many realize,” points out Dr. Glass.

Dr. Lillian Glass provides the following body language services for attorneys:

Jury Consulting

This service involves working with the attorney to evaluate jury perceptions about their case based on the nonverbal cues they display. This evaluation can be critical for amending the course of the trial. As a jury consultant Dr. Glass examines all four codes of communication by intensively what is said and how it is said.

I don’t simply look at body language and facial expressions. With three decades of experience and research for my publications I can help attorneys quickly sift out who is lying and who is telling the truth. In essence this service gives attorneys a secret weapon a winning edge over their opposition

“I don’t simply look at body language and facial expressions. With three decades of experience and research for my publications, I can help attorneys quickly sift out who is lying and who is telling the truth. In essence, this service gives attorneys a secret weapon, a winning edge over their opposition,” states Dr. Glass.

Jury Selection

Many attorneys will attest that jury selection is critical to positive outcomes in the courtroom. Based on her internationally acclaimed book, I Know What You're Thinking, Reading The Four Codes of Reading People to Improve Your Life, Dr. Glass helps attorneys determine the character, personality traits, and biases of potential jurors during voir dire.

Witness Preparation

Attorneys are adept at preparing their witnesses for trial—addressing potential questions, alerting them to the rules of conduct, and so on. But, Dr. Glass provides witness preparation services to attorneys that are a major adjunct to any case, making a significant difference by increasing the witness’s 'likeability' with the jury.

“Whether you like it or not, studies have repeatedly shown that the way a person looks and speaks can make a difference in terms of how the jury perceives them. By helping your client become compelling to a judge and jury, I can help you make sure that your client is perceived in a positive light. This will inevitably have a favorable impact on the financial outcome of your case,” states Dr. Glass.

These body language services for attorneys can have a dramatic impact in the arena of witness preparation. A dramatic example was during an initial mock trial when the client was perceived as 'unlikeable.' After witness preparation services with Dr. Glass, the client was more favorably perceived and won a $33 million jury verdict.

Additional Services Provided by Dr. Glass: Behavioral Analysis and Vocal/Speech Forensics

Having worked for both the prosecution and defense in State and Federal trials, Dr. Glass is qualified in cases involving Voice/Speech Forensics and Behavioral Analysis. She has developed a unique and highly effective procedure in vocal forensics to analyze speech and voice patterns in criminal cases and those involving fraud and sexual harassment.

Dr. Glass can also be of service in analyzing body language and behaviors through surveillance and deposition tapes in confirming signals of deception. As a body language expert, she can provide her insight during settlement conferences. Dr. Glass’s expertise has proven to be invaluable in criminal cases, drug cases, divorce cases, child abuse cases, civil cases, and in cases involving sexual harassment and abuse.

For more information about witness preparation services and other body language services for attorneys, contact Deb Morrison at 310.274.0528.

About Dr. Lillian Glass:

Dr. Lillian Glass is a well respected body language expert and communication expert. As a media personality, she is a regular commentator for the Nancy Grace Show. She is the body language expert for Swift Justice, Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight, and The Insider and has a monthly body language column in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Dr. Glass has also used her skills as an expert witness for both state and federal cases in the area of vocal forensics and behavioral analysis. She has written more than a dozen books, including the bestsellers Toxic People™; He Says, She Says; a body language book I Know What You’re Thinking; and her latest, Toxic Men™ (November 2010). Dr. Glass writes her own popular body language blog as well as a blog for Psychology Today. In her private practice in Beverly Hills, she has helped countless clients, among them celebrities, politicians, and world leaders with their body language and communication skills. For more information about Dr. Glass, her blog, products, and services go to www.drlillianglass.com.


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