Tevron Announces Full Support For Google Apps For its Flagship End-To-End Monitoring And Testing Solutions.

Tevron, LLC is a pioneer in a new class of all encompassing APM & Testing solutions. Tevron’s mission is to provide automated monitoring solutions that support every application across the enterprise while seamlessly integrating into current management methodologies. Tevron’s technology has completed the complex APM puzzle.

Online PR News – 17-September-2009 – – Tevron, a global provider of Testing, APM & business service monitoring solutions, today announced the continued & expanded support for the comprehensive End-To-End Monitoring for all Google Apps for its flagship monitoring solution, CitraTest APM. Google Apps include Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar and Google Web Apps (http://www.google.com/apps). Through the deployment of Tevron’s APM solutions for all environments, every application across the enterprise, including remotely hosted Google Apps, can be accurately measured and actively monitored. Further, Tevron’s unique technology will deliver the ability to enforce all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for any application deployed via any browser technology. “Because Tevron’s APM solutions are completely independent of the application they are monitoring and how that application is delivered, for the first time, every application across the enterprise can be monitored with one cost effective solution, including all Google Apps environments. Every organization has numerous applications they need to monitor and our APM solutions can monitor them all. No other vendor offers such vast and all encompassing support. The days in which organizations have to pay a licensing fee for each application, each protocol they need to monitor, and each methodology of application delivery are over. This will result in the potential savings of millions of dollars in licensing and maintenance fees. Through the use of Tevron’s APM solutions, organizations now have one all encompassing solution with one licensing fee that can monitor any and every application across the enterprise. This includes all legacy applications, client server applications, all web browsers, Citrix or Terminal Server hosted applications, XenServer, XenApp, XenDesktop, VMware hosted applications, terminal emulation, Google Apps...every application. This flexibility is a must to meet the demanding needs of today’s global enterprises”, explains Jay Labadini, Vice President at Tevron. To learn how CitraTest APM can assist you with your APM & monitoring requirements, call 702.518.7435 or visit http://www.tevron.com.

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