Where is the App Store for eLearning Software Interactions?

Rapid Intake Launches Community-based eLearning Interactions Marketplace

Online PR News – 29-September-2010 – – Rapid Intake (http://www.rapidintake.com), a leading provider of rapid interactive e-learning software, today announced the launch of its community-based extensions store called the Rapid Intake Marketplace (http://www.rapidintake.com/marketplace). Rapid Intake users can begin sharing and selling plug-ins for Rapid Intake e-learning software. Based on the widely adopted web standards of Adobe Flash and XML, Rapid Intake’s rapid e-learning solutions afford a faster way to build Flash-based online courses that are easy to build as well as flexible and maintainable.

Rapid Intake e-learning software, including its online collaborative course authoring software, has long featured the ability to customize and extend its core capabilities using the included Flash source code and SDK (software development kit). While novice users can take advantage of the easy-to-use form-based templates to quickly build interactive course content, advanced users can take the included Flash source code (.FLA and .AS) and create custom user interfaces and build their own form-driven Flash-based interactive content that plugs right into the system as if it were an original part of the software.

“Now, instead of building that learning interaction you were thinking of from scratch, you may be able to find it already built by one of your peers,” says Garin Hess, Rapid Intake CEO. “You just find it in the Marketplace, download it, and you can begin building new interactivity in a matter of minutes.”

For example, if an instructional designer wanted to build an interaction in which the learner practices placing content in different categories, they could find the Corkboard interaction. In the Corkboard interaction, the learner drags post-it notes and tacks them onto the virtual corkboard under the correct category heading. Building such an interaction could take a Flash developer several days to build and test. Instead, e-learning developers, with or without Flash knowledge, can download the interaction and start using it immediately.

You just find it in the Marketplace download it and you can begin building new interactivity in a matter of minutes.

“No other e-learning software is as flexible as Rapid Intake’s,” says Dan Longhouse, CEO of DIY eLearning and a contributing developer to the Rapid Intake Marketplace. “There is really no limit to the types of interactions that can be plugged into their software, making it extremely powerful.”

Using interactions built by other users can really pay off. To hire a Flash developer to build any of these interactions would cost into the thousands of dollars. Most interactions in the Marketplace sell for $50-$80. Some are even free.

“What the iPhone App Store did for smart phones, the Rapid Intake Marketplace will do for e-learning software,” says Steve Hancock, Rapid Intake President. “Combined with Rapid Intake’s easy-to-use course authoring software, it revolutionizes how quickly you can build quality e-learning courses.”

Contributing developers can also build custom course interfaces that modify the overall look and feel of the course player. Being able to completely brand Rapid Intake courses sets Rapid Intake e-learning software apart from its competitors. Other software vendors leave their brand somewhere in the course output, while Rapid Intake allows course developers to completely build custom branded interfaces using the included Flash eLearning SDK.

As of the launch date, the Marketplace includes the following learning games and interactions:
• Pyramid
• Process Cycle
• Case Study
• Word Search
• Hangman Letter
• Tic-Tac-Toe
• Drop-down Buttons
• Timer
• Hangman Multiple Choice
• Spy Challenge Game
• Millionaire Challenge
• Flash Interactions Pack
• Corkboard
• Button Click Paper
• Matching
• Crossword Puzzle
• Memory
• Click to Reveal
• Step Identification
• Beat the Clock
You can try these interactions out for yourself at the Rapid Intake Marketplace at http://www.rapidintake.com/marketplace.

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