Dallas Daycare, Brilliance Preschool & Academy, Announces Exciting Opportunities For Current And Potential Students

Brilliance Preschool & Academy plans to build upon existing programs while adding new and exciting developments during the 2009-2010 school year.

Online PR News – 17-September-2009 – – Students returning to school for the 2009-2010 school year will be greeted by some of flagship developments made by the Brilliance Preschool and Academy. This eco-friendly environment will feature an outdoor sculpture garden made from recycled materials and an area where students can create and showcase their work. This visual art area will be protected from the elements to provide a safe and secure showcase for students’ work at.

All students will have the opportunity to create and showcase their work for other students to enjoy and experience. “Our outside art studio will be dedicated to providing our children with a school environment which includes activities that awaken in young children powers to perceive, study, and represent the beautiful worlds of nature and culture with which they are surrounded,” says Kelly Mayberry, Director of the Brilliance Preschool & Academy.

Brilliance Preschool & Academy, a private school located in the northern suburb of Dallas, TX has set many new goals for the upcoming school year. This dallas preschool has taken a positive approach to the implementation of community and parental involvement in the curriculum. They would like to use this involvement to enhance their dallas childcare programs to become a viable alternative to conventional school programs for children aged 18 months to 4th grade. The academy is also interested in the expansion of their current curriculum and the addition of even more extra curricular activities for their preschooler and elementary school students to enjoy. These extra curricular activities can be valuable for parents that want their children to experience even more learning potential in the positive environment offered by Brilliance Preschool & Academy.

One specific example of such a valuable extra curricular activity is the new after school Science program that is slated for next year’s curriculum. This program will give preschool students and private elementary students an opportunity to take a hands on approach to the applied sciences of their world. This new program will only add to the Brilliance Preschool & Academy’s current success in keeping the academy up to date technologically and educationally. “Our pre-school program is educationally engaging compared to a dallas daycare”, exclaims Ms. Mayberry.

Although their faculty already possesses vast knowledge and expertise in their field, the academy also recognizes the importance of continual faculty development and enrichment. For this reason, one of their primary goals is the further instruction of their faculty in Differentiated Instruction. By implementing this goal, your children will be able to even fuller enjoy the benefits of a helpful and friendly staff comprised of experts in early childhood development. Brilliance prides theirselves on being the premier preschool in Dallas, TX

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About Brilliance Preschool & Academy

Originally a preschool educational facility, Brilliance Preschool & Academy was founded in January of 1996 to fill a need for preschool education. In the following years, the institution added 1st - 4th grades based on the success of their original programs.


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