Intersog’s Promo Launch of Pocket MBA Full Course: Part 2 for the iPad

Chicago based Intersog LLC announces the release of Pocket MBA Full Course: Part 2 app bundle for the iPad. Created specifically for the iPad and structured to be a fully self sufficient mobile learning experience Part 2 of the Pocket MBA Full Course represents the next step in complete mobile business education solutions and is now available for purchase at a promo price of $199.99 on the iTunes App Store.

Online PR News – 30-September-2010 – – Chicago, Illinois - Intersog LLC, a leading developer of mobile learning applications, has announced the launch of their Pocket MBA Full Course Part 2 bundle for the iPad. Pocket MBA Full Course Part 2 is a complete collection of the 8 newest professional-level business courses from Intersog's acclaimed Learning-To-Go mobile education series. Optimized for use on the iPad, this eagerly awaited 2nd addition to Learning-To-Go's premium learning app bundles contains the most relevant and up-to-date business focused educational concepts currently available in the mobile marketplace. Originally priced at $249.99, Pocket MBA Full Course Part 2 is available for a limited time at the reduced price of $199.99 through the iTunes App Store

Comprised of 8 intellectually challenging and in-depth professional-level business courses initially created to function as stand-alone applications, the Pocket MBA Full Course app bundle delivers a complete and well-rounded mobile business education that is designed to be effective at every users unique pace, allowing them to learn on their terms and around their schedule. Every program included in the 2nd part of the Pocket MBA Full Course app bundle features a complete course textbook, full glossaries, as well as interactive study aides including flashcards, and comprehensive chapter-based knowledge tests. A diverse array of user-friendly mLearning features are included as well.

Pocket MBA Full course Part 2 includes courses: Pocket MBA - The Sarbanes - Oxley Act and Corporate Governance, Pocket MBA - Cost management: Accounting and Control, Pocket Manager: Economic Analysis for Business and Strategy Decisions, Pocket CFO - Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention, Pocket MBA - Managing for Competitive Advantage, Pocket MBA - E-Commerce: Applications for Cyberspace Technology, Pocket CFO - Accountant's Guide to Financial Management, Pocket Manager - Accounting & Finance.

A mobile learning experience unparalleled in its coverage of key business concepts, The Pocket MBA Full Course Part 2 bundle was released in order to offer committed and engaged professionals the most economic opportunity to acquire a second full business education resource available for the iPad. This complete learning collection already represents a substantial stand-alone business learning solution separately from its predecessor and offers the best value in professional-level mobile business education systems. Furthermore, as part of our launch celebration, an additional $50 discount will be available for savvy customers who purchase Pocket MBA Full Course within the first days of its initial launch date with total savings of $120 versus the combined price of each included course if purchased separately. With it's wealth of practical information along with this limited-time promotional support the Pocket MBA Full Course Part 2 becomes a simple and straight forward must-buy.