BGS Global Hospitals performs heart surgeries without cutting chest bone

• Key benefits to the patient: Surgery with an incision of 2-3 inches only, no cutting of chest bones, lower risk of infection, patient can start walking the day after the surgery and go back home in 4-5 days in most cases
• The team successfully performed complex mitral valve repair through minimally invasive cardiac surgery , pioneers in Karnataka
• Multi vessel minimal invasive coronary artery bypass grafts also performed with excellent results

Online PR News – 30-September-2010 – – 29 Sept’2010, Bangalore: BGS Global Hospitals, Bangalore, part of the Global Hospitals Group, a leading tertiary care chain of Hospitals in India, launched the Centre for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery today. The Centre was inaugurated by Dr. Srinath, MLC and Cine Actor.
Dr. Anand Subrahmanyam, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, BGS Global Hospitals said, “BGS Global Hospitals has successfully performed complex cardiac procedures including mitral valve repairs through minimal access surgery.”

“Minimally invasive cardiac surgery is among the very recent advances in heart surgery and is done through a small 2-3 inch incision without cutting chest bones just below the left nipple in men and below the breast tissue in women. The space between the ribs is spread with special 'spreaders' and the internal mammary artery needed for the bypass harvested through this small opening. The bypass is done, using “Beating Heart Technique”. Multiple bypasses, total arterial Bypass, Valve replacement and valve repair surgeries have been performed successfully with excellent results at the Hospital by an expert team of Cardiothoracic surgeons. The chest is closed with simple sutures (no wires).

The advantages are –
• No chest bones are cut - preserved integrity of the chest
• 2-3 inch incision
• Minimized blood loss
• Reduced operative trauma
• Minimal risk of infection
• Greatly reduced post operative pain
• Rapid recovery, can go home within 4 days after surgery
• Back to work in 10-15 days
• Excellent cosmetic results with a small hidden scar

All this, without compromising the result or safety of the surgery!”

Dr. Bharat Dubey added, “Multi vessel coronary artery bypass grafting using off-pump technique through minimal access and endoscopic vein harvesting minimizes scarring and healing problems of the legs especially in diabetic patients. In young women, the incision is made in the fold of the breast tissue and this leaves a very small insignificant almost invisible scar giving excellent cosmetic results. Incision made during the minimally invasive cardiac surgery is about 3 inches in length, as opposed to a traditional bypass surgery in which the incision is about 8-9 inches in length.”

A Case – Minimally invasive Complex Mitral Valve repair

14 year old Pundalik Hanumantha came to the Hospital complaining of breathlessness and palpitation, which was very pronounced since 6 months. An ECG, chest X-ray and 2D echocardiography revealed that he had a defective leaking mitral valve. As he was young, the preferred choice of treatment was repairing his valve rather than replacement. Minimally invasive surgery was performed; the leak was repaired using special suturing techniques and supplementing the existing structure with a mitral valve ring. He was walking on the second day of surgery and went home in 5 days.
Valve repair has an advantage over replacement with a prosthetic valve as the patient is free from taking anticoagulant medicines lifelong and its side effects. Especially in child bearing women, anticoagulant medicines have adverse effects which may lead to increased bleeding during pregnancy and malformation of foetus. It is also proven that in the long term the left ventricle function is better preserved with repair.

Global Hospitals Group – Many firsts to its credit

Dr. K. Ravindranath, Chairman and Managing Director, Global Hospitals Group stated, “The Global Hospitals Group has many firsts to its credit including the first successful heart transplant in Andhra Pradesh. The group routinely performs minimally invasive cardiac surgeries at all its centres. Perhaps it has performed one of the highest numbers of minimally invasive cardiac surgeries in the country.”

“90% percent of patients who require cardiac surgery in our country are the bread winners. There is a rise in coronary heart diseases among the population from 4 per cent to 11 per cent in India, thereby increasing the frequency of bypass surgeries. Minimally invasive cardiac surgery is a new way to get these bread winners back to work within 10 to 15 days of the surgery, which couldn’t have been imagined just 1-2 years back. Global Hospitals Group is one of the leading healthcare service providers in the country. The Group has been offering specialized tertiary care with state of art infrastructure, modern technology, trained specialists and with exemplary standards of medical excellence and ethics.”

BGS Global Hospitals – Centre for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

The Institute of Cardiac Sciences of the 500 bedded BGS global hospitals provides an entire gamut of cardiology services to the patients. Well qualified teams, state-of-the-art Cathlab and Intensive Care units provide unmatched standards of medical care. The expert team comprises of cardiologists, paediatric cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiac anaesthetists, cardiac intensivists, perfusionists, technicians and paramedical staff. The team of cardiothoracic surgeons, Dr. Bharat Dubey, Dr. Anand Subramaniam and Dr. S. P Manoj have a combined experience of performing over 10,000 surgeries from neonates to geriatrics.
Dr. N. K. Venkataramana, Vice-Chairman, BGS Global Hospitals said, “We, the team at BGS Global Hospitals, in the pursuit of excellence, is committed to provide best available care to patients, through innovative treatments, advanced facilities in a patient centric atmosphere, because, we believe that there is more to life.”