Adult Stem Cell Products to Boost US Market

The US adult stem cell product market is expected to touch the mark of US$ 730 Million by 2013, says RNCOS.

Online PR News – 29-September-2010 – – According to our research report “US Stem Cell Market Analysis”, the market for stem cells is constantly evolving, with researches going on to exploit the true potential of the market worldwide. Stem cell has emerged as an important market in the US, which continues to witness massive investments in this research arena. The US has seen some major achievements in the treatment of diseases using stem cell technologies. The market has shown remarkable growth since 2005 when the first stem cell product entered the market. Presently, the stem cell product sales in the US are mainly through the adult stem cells.

The adult stem cells forms the major part of the stem cell product market. Adult stem cell is the most widely used type of stem cell for the therapy and research purposes due to various issues acknowledged in the report. Adult stem cells have already been proved successful in treating various ailments identified in the report. With more products likely to enter the market in near future mainly in therapeutics areas, the market is expected to earn revenue of US$ 730 Million by the end of 2012.

Our study shows that the prevalence of major chronic diseases and other factors have boosted demand for these products in the market. Our report assists in analyzing the current industry trends and factors, which are driving the growth of stem cell market in the US. The report helps in understanding the government role in the development of market.

“US Stem Cell Market Analysis” report highlights the emerging segments along with their potential, providing opportunities to our clients for expansion. The key players analysis provides the clear picture of competitive landscape. The report will help clients to understand the market dynamics and get an insight into the current and future outlook of stem cells market in the US.

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