Ghostwriting Bedroom Producers J-Punch And Dave Moonshine

Scientists Warn: Exposure To New Forms Of Music May Induce Feelings Of Euphoria. FULL LENGTH ALBUM, 'STICK FIGURE GUY' TO BE RELEASED OCTOBER 1, 2010

Online PR News – 29-September-2010 – – Washington, DC. Sept. 27, 2010 /iFastFwd/ - Veteran House Music Producer J-Punch is constantly re-inventing what it is to re-invent one's self. After several years of thriving in the underground dance music community, having released multiple songs on various dance music record labels [System Recordings, Global Underground], and having spearheaded one of Washington D.C.'s most successful weekly house music events, Pulse, for over 100 weeks, J-Punch has enlisted the aid of his ghostly writing partner, Dave Moonshine and set out to scientifically engineer a new genre of music designed to please all audiences. Despite their controversial decision not to quit their day jobs, the project recently exceeded all their expectations after a late night engineering accident reduced both men to nothing but fuzzy bits of twisted wire. It was in their new stick figure forms that they finally had their musical epiphany.

They lovingly refer to their creation as "alt-tempo," or "down-rock."

In an effort to inspire interest in their project within the law enforcement community, rather than promoting their new album in the traditional "successful" way, J-Punch and Dave Moonshine have been mailing unmarked envelopes to various radio stations and music blogs with nothing enclosed except eerie photographs of stick figures and an unmarked compact discs.

The forthcoming 'Stick Figure Guy' album includes the singles 'Hours Late' and 'We Had It All.'

As described on the artists' website, , 'Hours Late' is an "ironic homage to modern muses recorded in the hopes that it may ease the suffering of those destined to wait indefinitely for certain disappointment."

'We Had It All,' combines a chill-out sound-scape, analog beats, and a heavily auto-tuned vocal, with a chorus that is both explicit and ironic.

Stick Figure Guy' will be available everywhere digital albums are sold, on October 1, 2010.