Bunny Stuffed Animals Site Features Products from Lil’ Kinz

Bunny Stuffed Animals site features products from Lil’ Kinz.

Online PR News – 29-September-2010 – – Bunny Stuffed Animals site features products from Lil’ Kinz.

Lil’ Kinz is the smaller version of the very popular Webkinz. When you buy Lil’ Kinz toys, you get a secret code—for each toy, allowing the child to go into a special online world. The user gets to own a virtual pet for a year. It even gives the child its own version of virtual money, called KinzCash.

Webkinz are toy stuffed animals that were originally released by the Ganz company on April 29, 2005. Established by Samuel Ganz and sons Jack and Sam in 1950, the family company is now headed by the Howard Ganz, the founder's grandson. Their headquarters are located in Woodbridge, ON, Canada. They are celebrating their 60 year anniversary in 2010.

Ganz is making sure to keep with the times, as the company launched its first Webkinz application for the iPhone in August 2010 with the release of Goober's Lab. The game did exceptionally well, reaching #1 in the Kids Game category and #6 in the Puzzle Game category.

Bunny stuffed animals tend to be a child's best friend. When everyone else is making fun, hollering, or otherwise hurting your child's feelings, there just aren't too many people your child will trust. The stuffed animal is a source of comfort that lies beside your child at night when it's dark.

You can find toys, like Lil’ Kinz, from Ganz in over 30,000 stores. For more information about getting bunny stuffed animals, you can visit http://www.BunnyStuffedAnimals.com to see pictures or conveniently buy the adorable stuffed bunnies for your children while you are online.