New NFC Module of QR Inventory Allows For Fast Asset & Inventory Transactions Processing.

New module of QR Inventory allows businesses to scan NFC tags with a smartphone for fast inventory transactions processing.

Online PR News – 11-December-2015 – State College, PA – AHG, Inc. announces addition of NFC tags reading capability to its web-based inventory management and asset tracking software - QR Inventory.

One of the main features of QR Inventory had always been its ability to use smartphones instead of barcode scanners / mobile computers to scan assets and inventory in and out, transfer items between locations, look up inventory stock and asset details. QR Inventory supports QR codes and regular UPC barcodes, and now NFC tags are added to this list.

Using NFC tags, companies can process inventory and asset transactions much faster than by using QR codes or regular UPC barcodes.
NFC tag is scanned instantly when it is touched with the smartphone, and the phone is ready for a new scan right away. An employee can touch items that need to be included in the asset or inventory transaction one by one with a smartphone - and transaction is done.

With QR codes, an employee needs to click a button, focus camera, wait one-two seconds, then click a button to scan next item, etc. If transaction includes just a few asset or inventory items to process, it won't make much of a difference. However, if a company needs to process tens or hundreds of items at a time or more, using NFC will save significant amount of time, employees hours and eventually money.

More information and demo of QR Inventory and add-on modules is available at