The Miracle Wave ™ Treats Pain with Sound Waves

The Miracle Wave ™, the latest innovation in sound wave therapy, is a non-invasive, cutting-edge therapy now available to select physicians.

Online PR News – 11-December-2015 – Marietta, GA – The engineers behind The Miracles Wave ™ have been working on the latest advancement in non-invasive treatment options. Based on the proven technologies of acoustic wave therapy, they have developed a simple hand-held tool that doctors can use to treat a broad spectrum of conditions.

Patients who present with musculoskeletal pain, poor circulation, limited range-of-motion or soft tissue damage can benefit from sound wave therapy. Acoustic pulses are sent to the affected area to stimulate healing. These high-intensity sound waves interact with damaged or inflamed tissues of the body.

Acoustic wave therapy has been used by veterinarians for years, but it has only recently been recognized as an effective treatment for humans. Healthcare professionals now have another tool they can use to gently treat patients’ pain and injuries. It’s a non-invasive, FDA-registered, therapeutic solution helpful in many specialties, including sports medicine.

The Miracle Wave™ relies on decades of clinical experience and international partnerships to bring physicians some of the latest technology available in medicine. Full on-site training is provided as well as ongoing support and continuing education resources.