Clewis Financial presents its 2015 China investment strategy and economic outlook

Clewis Financial today outlined its 2015 China investment strategy and economic outlook at its Annual China Conference in Hong Kong.

Online PR News – 11-December-2015 – HONG KONG – Clewis Financial’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Peter Trautmann delivered the keynote address. In his presentation, Mr. Trautmann outlined an expectation that GDP growth in China will continue its recovery and reach 8.6% by the end 2015.

“2015 has been a year defined by significant reforms that will shape the future path of development for China’s economy. Reforms should begin to enhance growth by year end 2015, mainly by boosting private investment in sectors such as railway, subway, healthcare, financial, new energy, and environment,” said Peter Trautmann, Chief Financial Officer of Clewis Financial.

Clewis Financial’s Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Brian Webber also added “Key downside risks include weaker than expected external demand pickup, faster than expected property price inflation in China which could trigger harsher policy responses, high volatility of interbank rates in the transition of monetary policy focus to interest rate targeting, and continued geopolitical risks.”

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