Ezisoul’s Ultimate Fruit Infuser Bottle Receives Positive Feedback from Amazon Customers

Ezisoul's Infuser Water Bottle is fast progressing as Amazon's #1 infuser water bottle

Online PR News – 09-December-2015 – Hawthorne, California – One of Ezisoul’s products, a 32oz fruit infuser bottle, is already on its way to Amazon’s best seller list. The Ultimate Infuser Bottle is presently ranked as #21 on Amazon’s Water Bottle category and #8 on Canteen category. This current sales performance of the infuser water bottle is already expected since it has been receiving nothing but fantastic reviews from its customers.

Amazon customer sunshine1221 has shared her incredible experience with Ezisoul’s infuser bottle, in her review, she wrote the following: “I own few water infuser and let me tell you that this one right here is by far the best, best one that I [have] seen or own. I love and appreciated the fact that is a[32] oz. Ezisoul Ultimate Water Infuser is perfect now let me tell you the great things about this infuser bottle.[It] Is 100% BPA free, the lid is leak proof and have [an] extra securement to prevent any accident. The bottle even though is 32oz is very light and is scratch resistant plastic. There’s so many great ways to use your Ezisoul water infuser works better when you leave your fruits overnight. I highly recommend this water infuser is the best one that I’ve seen so far.”

Another customer, Candles Castillo wrote on her review, “I have ordered similar products like this one in the past, but I have to say this by far was the best one. It is large enough for me that I would only have to fill it twice to get the 64 oz. daily water intake. All the other ones I have are a lot smaller which means I have to fill it several times. I ordered this one for my son since I already had another one but love this one so much more that I am going to purchase another one. My son takes his to school every day and I put fresh squeezed lemon in the morning. It is easy for him to carry. It is also very easy to wash. Another plus is the fact that it is BPA-FREE.I would recommend this product for everyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle.”

Ezisoul’s Ultimate Infuser Bottle is made from Tritan plastic, which means that it is free from harmful toxins such as BPA. It is scratch-resistant, durable, and lightweight making it perfect to bring anywhere you go. It has an incredible molded grip and it also has a lid lock which prevents beverage from leaking. These are just some amazing features of the Ultimate Infuser Bottle which make it undeniably the best infuser water bottle you’ll ever see on Amazon.