Experience Fresh Blade Shave with ‘Can shave club™ modern process

The first time launch of Can shave clubâ„¢ in India with free of cost delivery of blades at the doorstep

Online PR News – 09-December-2015 – New Delhi – Can shave clubâ„¢ has discovered the human needs and best means to fulfill the shaving experience in a simple and easy manner with a well developed modern process that sets the brand apart from the other old fashioned ways of hard shave.

At Can shave club™, the selection of the blades and payment for only the cost of the blades chosen can be done, and the company will courier them free of cost to the doorstep every month. This is for the first time in India, such initiative has been taken for the customers wherein selection of specially designed blades depending on one’s choice of hair growth & frequency can be done by placing order and free shipping with timely delivery is done for fresh blade shaving experience for the valuable customers.

Can shave club™ is all set to offer premium 3 and 5 blades cartridge packs with a free handle at unbelievably lower price that is extremely affordable & suitable to everyone’s pocket. Both 3 & 5 blade razors of Can shave club™ have Aloe and Vitamin E comfort strip and are specially designed for the close shaving experience. As an additional feature The 5 blade razor have got a Special Trimmer blade at the top for hard to shave areas such as below the nose.

The club is curate with lot of care and experts go to great lengths to ensure that you really love your monthly package. The club ensures and promise to do everything possible to make razor shopping as a magical experience as can be. ‘Canshave’ razor handle has a unique spin head to deal with the differences between the curves and the razor handle tackles the hill problem in an excellent way, thus gives a close shaving experience in the world.

There are three categories of choosing the blades: The 3 blade – who wants simplicity and precision; 3 blades Gold – for the ones who prefer heavy handle for gentle shave in a single stroke; the 5 blade – for those who want best close shave experience in the world. There are packages for office goers, professionals, office pro, office silver and college smart youth. The offer ranges 5 blades for as low as 460rs for 4 cartridges. The daily smooth shaving experience can be availed as low as Rs 4 per day.
The club offers annual subscription of men razor and it is the first company in India to commit such initiative that sends monthly razor packs to the customer’s doorstep. People don’t have to go out of their homes to buy razor and Canshaveclub take care of razor supplies for the easy accessibility offering annual subscription plans at half the price @ www.canshaveclub.com.

As an inaugural offer Can shave clubâ„¢ is offering upto 25% discount and the 3 blade razor ( pack of 5 cartridges) with handle is available at a price as low as Rs 160 and 5 blade razor ( pack of 4 cartridges) with handle is available at a price as low as Rs 460 only.

Can shave clubâ„¢ has launched three Subscription plans:
 Office Pro: For those who shave daily
 Office silver: For those who shave twice or thrice a week
 College Smart: For those who shave once a week
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