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Gauntlets available at Safety Direct are from trusted brands such a JW, KCL and Hercules in Ireland.

Online PR News – 09-December-2015 – Galway/GA – The best characteristic of Safety Direct is nevertheless its Noble Goal of promoting safety awareness and workplace sanitation that is a complete must in today’s society. our Newly Launched Gauntlets are special specially designed to avert punctures or injuries from redundant syringes and needles. They are usually made of leather with steel strengthening. At Safety Direct you can avail of a variety of anti syringe gauntlets for your security.

December - 2015, GA, Ireland. Certain work environments require safety gloves to protect hands from different hazardous substances, chemicals, punctures, lacerations and different rough materials. These are available in markets in variable forms and designs. However, to choose the right one is a smart work. Safety gloves are selected according to their work.

General safety gloves are the basic work gloves available in the market. These gloves are suitable for the works like construction, package handling and several other outdoor works. These general safety gloves are often manufactured from leather. However, some of the general safety gloves are also manufactured from cotton or knit materials with PVC that provide the features like waterproofing, better gripping and insulation.

Gauntlets available at Safety Direct are from trusted brands such a JW, KCL and Hercules. The gauntlets are intended with special qualities like PVC over mitt, wet application protection, Nitrile coating for longer lasting gauntlets and 3 layers of needle stick fortification. To select a pair that suits your criteria for anti syringe gauntlets, go through the collection online - Gauntlets in Ireland

Apart from these disposable medical safety gloves, several medical professionals also use powder free rubber gloves for performing surgical operations.

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