New Book Discipleship discusses Why Some Ministries and Businesses Grow and Flourish and Some Don't

Pamela Orock’s new book titled “Discipleship”

Online PR News – 09-December-2015 – Smyrna, GA. – Pamela Orock is the Founder and President of the Pamela Orock Foundation Ministries and School of Ministry, Atlanta Georgia. Growing up in a small town in West Africa-Mamfe in Cameroon and studied at the University of Yaoundé 1-Ngoa Kele.

Pamela received her God’s given vision while laying down on the couch of her apartment one afternoon in the year 2004. In the vision, she saw a white sheet of paper rolling down her face with Bible scriptures written on it.

Pamela Orock began writing because of the knowledge and wisdom she received from the Bible right after her deliverance from witchcraft. What inspires Pamela is the revealed knowledge of God about human nature and about the unsolved mysteries plaguing our world. Pamela Orock has Nine Christian books already written and published. This particular book “Discipleship” was released and published in the month of March 2015.

In her new book titled “Discipleship,” Pamela Orock answers question on Leadership and Pacesetter Leadership—leaders who lead by example. This book will teach us how to be discipled and will give us steps on how to make other disciples of Jesus Christ.

This book gives a teaching on how to access the ladders of elevation and promotion. This book offers a precise teaching on the purpose, cost and results of discipleship—leading us to our place of promise or call it the Promised Land.

In this book we will find answers as to why some churches and businesses never grow and why others flourish. This book reveals some secrets about the issues or mysteries plaguing some churches and some pulpits.

In this book we will find answers as to why the crime rate in our community is so high—armed robbery, drug addiction, pornography, rape, insanity and you just name it. This book will reveal secrets as to why some children are seen as very slow, dull, foolish and troublesome, while others are seen as very intelligent.