BirthdayPak Spotlights New Franchisee

Congratulations to Lorie and Megan, who are the focus of this month’s BirthdayPak Franchisee “Spotlight”!

Online PR News – 08-December-2015 – Springfield, PA – When speaking with Megan and Lorie and hearing their feedback on being new franchise owners, it is quite evident that they are pleased with the outcome of their decision to purchase the BirthdayPak Franchise of Delaware Valley.

Lorie was a previous franchise owner for FruitFlowers where she spent 15 years developing and growing her business. During her career she attended many networking events where she had met Michael Marchesani, Founder and CEO of BirthdayPak.

When BirthdayPak became a franchisor, Michael contacted Lorie with the opportunity to purchase the BirthdayPak Franchise of Delaware Valley. Lorie was interested in the opportunity, so she consulted with her business partner Megan. Megan has an impressive and versatile background in marketing and spends a lot of time volunteering her marketing services to various charities.

When Lorie and Megan met with Michael, they learned that they would be gaining a seasoned BirthdayPak sales representative, Jenn Adams. Jenn has been with BirthdayPak working with clients in the Delaware Valley since the market opened.

In April 2015, Lorie and Megan became the official owners of the BirthdayPak of Delaware Valley Franchise and have an impressive 12 zones that they manage. The trio work very well together and make a great team. Megan handles the invoicing, while Lorie handles the collections. Jenn is the “face” of the franchise since she is out meeting with clients on a daily basis.

Since Lorie was a previous franchise owner, there are differences she has noticed since becoming a BirthdayPak franchise owner. Lorie said that “Overhead is dramatically less and it’s a proven business model”. “There is a lot of potential. The BirthdayPak team has great ideas”, Megan added.

Lorie, Megan and Jenn are seeing so much success and BirthdayPak is pleased to recognize them for their hard work. Thank you for being part of the growing family of BirthdayPak Franchise Owners.

BirthdayPak is a marketing platform that connects upscale businesses, such as restaurants, salons and gift shops with their best potential customers living in their immediate community through the celebration of birthdays...a proven drive for consumer spending. If you or someone you know has an interest in learning more about this potentially lucrative business opportunity, please visit us at or contact us at