Mobisoft Infotech and Rutgers University sign MOU to collaborate on using drone technology

Mobisoft Infotech and Rutgers University sign MOU on the collaboration of using unmanned aerial vehicles, or drone technology.

Online PR News – 08-December-2015 – Houston, TX 02 Dec 2015 – December 2, 2015: A memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed on the collaboration of using unmanned aerial vehicles, or drone technology, into the development of providing aerial photography, data collection and measurements at a crash scene. The ability for crash investigators, first responders, EMS, and law enforcement to use drones at a crash scene to integrate digital data directly into a crash report will improve accuracy and decrease costs for data collection.

The MOU is designed to bolster research into the data collection needed today to accurately account crash reports. As crash data increasingly becomes more complicated, Mobisoft’s Director of Highway Safety and Research, Rick Alexander said, “This arrangement with Rutgers University will help us understand the value of unmanned vehicles in data collection at crash scenes.”

The processing of crash data does not start and stop at the scene. In the digital age, local, state and federal agencies, researchers and policy initiatives, all use crash scene data for educational purposes and highway funds.According to Mobisoft CEO, Shail Sinhasane,“The signing of this MOU with Rutgers University is a demonstration of our commitment towards working with our partners in improving ways to gather crash scene data.”

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles benefits can include:

•Better safety for crash personnel at the scene. Drone operators will be able to fly over the scene, map data points and download data directly into the crash report without having to move around motor vehicle traffic.
•Greater data accuracy because there are less obstructions at the crash scene.

The collaboration efforts will be to develop mobile apps for crash scene personnel to better understand, monitor and record the geographical location, weather data, traffic flow and safety issues.

Mobisoft will continue to work towards providing safety solutions through mobility by collaborating with our partners; universities, government agencies, EMS/First Responders, and law enforcement through formal and informal agreements. Mobisoft continues to develop mobile apps around the world to promote safety with sound policy approaches through partnerships. For questions about Mobisoft Infotech highway safety, research projects and mobile apps, send an e-mail to Like Mobisoft on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter at for the latest news and resources.

Rick Alexander
Mobisoft Highway Safety and Research