Actor Richard Davis Takes Home Two Awards at the 2015 Joey Awards

Canadian child star Richard Davis earns the Joey Awards for Best Actor in a TV Commercial Or PSA and the Monologue Competition for the 9-11 age group!

Online PR News – 08-December-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Actor Richard Davis, an 11-year-old Toronto native who is known for his performances in a plethora of highly successful film and television projects, was a huge success at this year's edition of the Joey Awards, which were held on November 14 in Vancouver, Canada.

Davis, who has proven himself to be an exuberantly talented young actor through his roles in the series "Kid's Town" and "Good Dog," and the films "The Comeback Kid," "Hazel and Elwood" and many others, took home the Joey Award for Best Actor in a TV Commercial or PSA in the 10 to 13 year old category for his performance in the "Grandma" PSA for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada. He also received the Joey Award for his performance of John Stevens' "I AM Snow White?" in the Monologue Competition for the 9 to 11 year old category.

In addition to the Make-A-Wish PSA, Davis has doted his magnetic presence as an actor to a long list of commercials over the years for companies including fast food giants McDonald's and KFC, toy companies Spin Master and Hasbro, NBC Universal Cable's digital cable and satellite television network Sprout, Sears and Maytag. While his lovable personality on screen has been a huge asset in helping these companies sell their product, where Davis' talent truly shines is in the character driven performances he's given in film and television productions.

With a rare ability to portray dramatic characters with layered emotions, as well as those that leave us rolling on the floor laughing thanks to his spot on comedic timing, Davis has made an unforgettable impression on the international entertainment industry over the past five years. Besides his two Joey Award wins this year, Davis has also been nominated for four Young Artist Awards for his performances in the films "The Comeback Kid," "To Look Away" and "Brothers," as well as for his series regular role in the web-series "Kid's Town."

Good Dog

Davis is clearly a force to be reckoned with and his command over his craft is only growing. In 2013 audiences at the Cannes Film Festival's Court Metrage had the privilege of witnessing Davis' inimitable talent on screen in the film "Amalgamations" where he took on the leading role as the younger version of Damian, the film's poet narrator who recalls the highs and lows of his past with Davis bringing his earliest memories to life.

In addition to being an Official Selection of the Cannes Court Metrage, the film was also an Official Selection of several other prestigious festivals including the 2013 Da Vinci Film Festival, the 2013 Orlando Film Festival, the 2012 Toronto Independent Film Festival and others.

"Amalgamations" director Elaine Poon says, “Richard blew us away by his ability to improvise the scenes without any props or other actors to guide him... He also had an inexplicable charm that translated well on camera. Everyone on set was impressed by his talent and affability that he brought to the role,”

This year he wrapped production on Sarah Pugsley's dark comedy film "Psychic Playground" where he plays the starring role of Dez, as well as Haya Waseem's coming of age film "Shahzad" where he plays the role of Richie. He also appears in the inspirational dramatic sports film "Full Out," which revolves around the life of gymnast Ariana Berlin and debuted on NBC 4 in Los Angeles and NBC 7 in San Diego in August, as well as on Canada's Family Channel in September. The film is also slated to air on more than 50 other channels in 2016, as well as in European countries on Disney channels and others.

The film "Psychic Playground," which is slated to be initially released on Vimeo by the end of 2015, follows Davis' character Dez, an inventive kid who throws a monkey wrench into his school's normal show and tell routine when he decides to unveil an invention that nobody expects.

Davis' other upcoming film, "Shahzad," which was produced by Turn and Punch Productions Inc., with funding from BravoFACT, will air on the BravoFact YouTube channel in August 2016.

The film centers on a young Pakistani boy named Shahzad who relocates to Toronto with his father where he has no choice but to try and fit into a foreign world and call it home with Davis' character Richie becoming his best friend along the way.

Davis admits about working on the film, "It’s the best when you can just be free to express what is truly in your heart and mind and play within a scene. What I think I loved best about [Shahzad] was that the other actors in my scenes were able to follow along with me in the improv. That’s when the most natural moments are born on film."

With an astonishing repertoire of work already under his belt, and the films "Psychic Playground" and "Shahzad" due out soon, actor Richard Davis is one child star that is assured to remain in the spotlight for many years to come.

Two-time Primetime Emmy nominated producer Irene Dreyer, who was the executive producer on several hit television shows including "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and "Sister, Sister," explains, "I have made a career of discovering young talent and building TV shows around them. I have launched the career of many well known talents such as Myley Cyrus, Zack Efron, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, etc. Over the last few months I have been working with Richard Davis, a young talent who resides in the Toronto area. I think he is a big star and would be thrilled to have him available here in the US."