Carrie Lane Announces New Music Venture

Carrie Lane's is growing up and so is her music. Honey Thief will bring fans on a musical journey through many musical genres.

Online PR News – 08-December-2015 – New York – Honey Thief is the new adventure and creative child of Carrie Lane Music. Carrie has been writing and recording music for a few years and just as she has matured, so has her music. The band Honey reflect's Carrie Lane's love for country music. By combining that affinity for country and her experience in pop music Honey Thief is a delightful combination of many music genres with an indie, folk vibe. She will debut this new sound in the upcoming EP. Her sophomore EP is scheduled to debut in February of 2016, along with a national tour to follow.

Honey Thief is inspired by the hit song The Honeythief by the band Hipsway, a popular group from Glasglow in the mid eighties. The lyrics read, "The light of deep regret Let me see what I don't get...Catch a thief, a honeythief". One thing is for sure, it will be hard to catch up with Lane as she takes off with her new project. The upcoming EP includes all live instruments and a smoother, softer, and more natural tone from Lane. Honey Thief is the perfect combination of the essence of Carrie Lane, sweet and savory.

Producer and Cowriter of Honey Thief's upcoming EP, James Strazza comments, "Carrie has been a joy to work with. I've been her producer for about a year and we've both grown a lot since we met. It takes guts to completely change your direction in this industry, but I was honored to help bring her new vision to fruition. We had all five songs written in about a months time, it happened very organically, nothing was forced. If one of us didn't like something or even felt a bit iffy, we dropped it and moved on. We didn't want any fillers on the EP, we wanted each song as strong as the last. We're both super happy with the tracks so far and looking forward to sharing them when they're finished. I think they're going to be very well received and this will be Carries best work to date. Her level of excitement and dedication to the new material speaks for itself."

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