The Award Winning CEO Markus Giebel shares the experience of his Remarkable Journey

Markus Giebel is the well reputed CEO of eternity medicine who has been honored with multiple awards for his incredible work in the corporate world.

Online PR News – 07-December-2015 – 7th December 2015, Dubai – “Leaders are not made, they are born” every now and then the accuracy of this saying becomes apparent, when a true leader comes into sight. The difference between a leader and a boss is that the latter pushes you towards success, shattering your boundaries, while the former guides you to success expanding your horizons and making new boundaries. The task to strike a balance between keeping your employees motivated while efficient is probably the most difficult one that all CEO’s face.
The role of a CEO must also be of a true leader, he determines the success of not only his team of his employees, but his entire company. This role must be played successfully and a true example on how to conduct this role can be taken from Markus Alexander Giebel, the extremely talented and award winning CEO of Eternity Medicine.
At the young age of 49 Markus has a long list of achievements acclaimed to his name. He is privileged to be a top international businessman. Having been awarded the Middle East Emerging CEO Award and Middle East Leadership Award, both presented by Deyaar Development PJSC in 2010, Business Award 2003 from the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Corning Inventor of the Year awards in 2002 and 2001 and Corning Marketing Excellence Award in 2000, all presented by Corning Inc.,
Today Markus holds more than 20 patents for his designs, mostly on fiber optics while holding the position of The Managing Partner of Soliton Holding, Chairman of Aesthetics, Board Member of Soliton, and Board Member of Eternity Medicine Institute. His overwhelming list of accomplishments, accompanied by his experience proves that Markus has a thorough understanding as to how to tackle problems and achieve solutions effectively. His unshaken determination and hard work has enabled him to reach the position and heights he is on today.
Markus is reported to share his expertise on leading a team and serving as a successful CEO rather than a brutal one; “Learn to delegate and assign responsibilities according to each employee’s abilities and capacities, if everyone plays to their strengths then the output is bound to be fertile”
Markus also believes that, “The key to any individual’s success is commitment. If you want success then you have to be 110% committed to your work to achieve it. Love your work and don’t be afraid to push your own boundaries and work as hard as you possibly can. The desire that drives determination and hard work is what springs out the best in people”