Reviveadservermod launches its smaato integration plugin for revive ad server

Reviveadservermod has launched the smaato integration plugin for revive ad server.

Online PR News – 07-December-2015 – Bangalore, karnataka – Reviveadservermod, a leading provider of ad serving solutions launches its third party ad exchange platform called smaato integration plugin for revive ad server. It involves sending and receiving ad request and response from smaato to deliver the advertisement in mobile websites and applications. The ad request of smaato has requirements for bid rate, ad categories, ad size, ad type, targeting options, vendors and other ad requirements. When the ad request is received the ad requirements are stored in the database, the plugin verifies the stored data and sends equivalent ad response to smaato within 300ms.
The ad responses are progressed under a bidding process and as a result, the advertisement with highest bid rate is delivered to the publisher’s mobile websites and applications. Once the ad is published, the smaato sends bid win notice to the ad server. The statistical reports and targeting options are the noticeable features of smaato integration plugin.
Statistical report stores the data on ad impressions and clicks made on the particular advertisement. It also has a statistical record for bid win and loss status. The reports are maintained separately for both revive ad server and smaato integration platform. Each report section has sorting options to help the user to find the data easily.
Targeting options of smaato includes geo-targeting, country targeting, gender targeting, mobile device targeting, domain targeting, and other required targeting options. By enabling the targeting features, the advertisers can reach the targeted audience easily.
Smaato follows open RTB 2.0 standard. It handles a team of ninety thousand mobile publishers worldwide to deliver any ad types in mobile devices. To access smaato integration plugin, the revive ad server should posses SSP plugin for RTB bidding process.
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