The Daily Tea Plans to Launch 6 Holiday Tea Recipes This December

Because the company wants to live up to its mission which is, “We Want to Grow the World of Tea,” they have decided to launch 6 holiday tea recipes.

Online PR News – 07-December-2015 – Plymouth Meeting, PA – Because the company wants to live up to its mission which is, “We Want to Grow the World of Tea,” they have decided to launch 6 holiday tea recipes. The company has laid emphasis in the past on the versatile nature of tea, which can serve as a source of inspiration in any course, therefore the need to have tea served to you and your holiday guests.

The Daily Tea also has great experience, having originated as far back as 1994 by Pearl Dexter, who had a vision of creating a community around tea. Even though it was named back then as Tea Magazine, the name was changed to The Daily Tea in 2012.

The company is dedicated to tea lovers all around the world at all levels of life, constantly being fascinated by the rich culture surrounding tea, those who grow it, and the traditions around tea. They also find inspiration from the peace drinking tea brings, and the simple fact that tea is used and enjoyed by people all around the world.

This drove the company to create 6 amazing recipes which they will launch this December to aid better enjoyment of tea, and offer better varieties.

Drinking a nice cup of tea is considered as a simple way for anyone to take steps towards a healthy life. The company understands that tea plays a major role in prevention of some health conditions such as stroke, heart diseases and some kinds of cancer.

The company has shared the fascinating recipes below for your delight. For more great recipes, visit


- Cranberry Apple Preserves: The cranberry apple preserves can be served both at all times of the day, be it morning, afternoon or evening. It is mostly prepared using apples, but pears can serve as an alternative ingredient, depending on the flavor you are going after.

If you are seeking to enjoy the black tea, you can use Ceylon, Keemun or Darjeeling, which can give you a very rich taste.

- Darjeeling Roasted Sweet Potatoes: This will contain rich flavors prepared from “Culinary Tea” book. It is prepared using to main ingredients which are mostly found in Asian markets.

- Pumpkin Chai Martini: This recipe was made by preparing a slow cooked bowl of Masala Chai base. The possibilities are endless for producing savoring flavors with this recipe, feel free to use them as it suits your taste. This recipe can easily be doubled or even tripled as it can last a whole week.

- Masala Chai Base: This great flavor was made by combining all the ingredients together except the tea leaves.

- Jasmine Trifle: The Jasmine Trifle is a common English kind of trifle that is chosen for variation. It gives such a nice flavor which you can enjoy with your friends and companions. While deciding on the creaming to use, you might love to consider using the scented pastry cream as opposed to the common traditional vanilla pastry cream, pudding or custard used by many people.

- Jasmine Pastry Cream: Originally from France, this cream flavored tea has a custard style which gives it its uniqueness. By the time the tea steeps in milk, he egg yolks are mixed in a large bowl with a big of sugar in it.

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