Unclaimed Money, Do I have Unclaimed Money?

John Tar's introduction of the unclaimed money business, and the most powerful get payed today opportunity, to the Internet marketing community,

Online PR News – 29-September-2010 – – Unclaimed Money, Do I have Unclaimed Money?

John Tar is introducing Unclaimed Money the business opportunity to the global
explaining in detail the inner works of it:

"Because we are living in what we call the consumer society, there is always
need for money and if you're owed some that is good, all you gotta do is to
claim it."

"Retirement Benefits, Unclaimed Bank Founds,Bank Accounts, Trust Founds,
Unclaimed State lotteries, State Treasuries, Lost, Unclaimed Money, Unclaimed
Unclaimed founds for troops, Lost Refunds, Missing Income Tax Refund,
Federal Unclaimed Money, Unclaimed Assets,and the list goes on."

Mr Tar continues telling readers of the difference between the traditional
and the way he is seeing it:

"But what if I told you that there was an unlimited amount of unclaimed
money waiting for you apart of the well known sites,and lists, where you been
searching for your name to see if there was any waiting for you."

"Is it so hard to imagine that there is a business made for people wanting to
make extra income,or better yet a living claiming money,getting payed daily,a
100%,and of course because the design of Unclaimed Money the business, one can
claim an unlimited amount of founds reaching financial independence doing it."

John Tar's in dept explanation:

"As the How It Works video explains it to the interested individuals, one can
see the different right away between this Internet business opportunity, and
some unclaimed site with a list of folks, which by the way sorry to say normally

does not have your
name on it.Go have a look right now,if you don't believe me, but if I'm wrong,

I'm glad for you."

"Adding your name to the list of business owners, who are by the way Love this

business, is gonna be one of the best decision you'll ever make.Listening to
the testimonials of many successful resellers gonna give you an idea,
and a feeling about what a powerful way to make money with.
...And as you learn, and run it successfully will, -if you have had- quickly
any of your doubts go away "

As John Tar Continues:

"I have set up a blog just for the daily updates on Unclaimed Money, which can

be fond on the site being discussed, that brings relevant
information on the growth, and recent changes of the business."

"This blog also contributes to the ongoing training,and rapid advancement of
new resellers. advertising tips, basic,and advanced SEO trainings can be found
here to support the newly upgraded business opportunity owners."

John Tar wraps it up concluding:

"The EZ Wealth Solution business is now 3 years old and has made a total of
$1.4 million to it's resellers. this business from the ground up was made to
produce an incredible, unlimited amount of money to it's individual owners, or

as they're called Resellers."

"The unique compensation plan is the awesome force behind this carefully carved

out master piece, which was made by Ron Walsh a 21st century genius,and a very
generous one of them."

"As frequent as Daily 100% payments are describing the Unclaimed opportunity.
5 digital sales packages starting at $47 up to $997, a grand total of $1885 one
and there is no limit of how many of them a reseller can do!"

Mr Tar's Final Conclusion:

"Once you own a sale package, and are qualified on that level you can sell as
many times you like, and earn an unlimited amount of that level,and never have
to buy, or qualify on that level ever again.For the monthly maintenance and
websites, all you gotta pay is $10, which in my opinion is ridiculous amount
for what we're getting in exchange, but don't tell Ron that I said so."

"By the way every one gets the first sales package FREE of charge,all they have

to do is order it after upgrading to reseller status registering with the
company.I personally highly recommend this business to anyone interested in
making money online, new or experienced,the sooner you upgrade sooner start
earning.And that is how simple or easy this business is."

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John Tar
Vancouver BC

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