Joining a Networking Group to Promote Your Commercial Grade Inflatable Business

As an inflatable business owner, you already know the value of word of mouth. The challenge is to maximize this.

Online PR News – 06-December-2015 – Pacoima, CA – As an inflatable business owner, you already know the value word of mouth can offer your bounce house business. The challenge for you is to maximize this type marketing and expand your reach as efficiently as possible. In the past, we have talked about many tools to increase your business’ marketing through word of mouth. Another great tool to add is joining a local networking group.

Networking groups typically meet once per week. This time is used to mingle with other business owners, exchanging business cards and exploring one another’s businesses. Additionally, many networking groups allow for a speaker rotation, where each meeting the designated member will give a presentation on their business to the group.

Membership in this type of networking group can be very valuable to your commercial grade inflatable business, as you continue to get your business’ name out there. The goal of these groups is to provide referrals to one another. This means that each one of these members will be quick to use your bounce house services both for themselves, as well as referring to friends, families and coworkers.

Typically, networking groups allow only one member representing each type of business. This means that you will be the sole bounce house business, ultimately gaining new business and referrals from the group.

Attendance in the weekly meetings is critical, and is generally required by the networking group. It can be a time commitment, but if you make the efforts this can pay off significantly in new inflatable business. It is also important to get to know the members of your group on a more personal level. Meeting for lunch or coffee can solidify your bounce house business and reputation with the other members who could potentially refer new business.

Many inflatable business owners can also get some great advice from members of their networking group. Don’t be afraid to share any concerns or frustrations that you may have about your inflatable business. This additional insight and fresh perspective can prove to be very advantageous.

Members of a networking group also typically share information on other networking events that are available to the public, or more exclusive private events. Taking advantage of these opportunities allows you to further expand your word of mouth reach.

Your local Chamber of Commerce may be a good starting point for joining a networking group. Another for profit group is BNI (Business Networking International), BNI has chapters and members all over the globe. Each group’s main focus is getting more business for other members through good referrals.

A networking group like this typically has an annual membership fee. However, the potential to share your company’s name and services can have limitless possibilities.
Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of one of the most effective and proven marketing tools for inflatable businesses, word of mouth, by consistently and regularly networking with other business owners.