TeensAbout.com Launches a Twitter Service for Teens

TeensAbout.com is specifically designed for teens across the world. It is a free teen community site that allows text updates as well as image updates.

Online PR News – 17-September-2009 – – Silver Spring, MD - Though there are many social networking websites, not all of them enjoy equal popularity and fame. Only a few social networking websites create a buzz that gets everyone’s attention. Some of the popular social networking sites are MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. A closer look at membership statistics of Facebook or Twitter will show that predominant users are not teens. These social networking sites do not get the attention of teenagers and it is simply because they are not designed with teenagers in mind. Teens have a very special taste and they will be attracted only to social networking or micro blogging sites that are most relevant to them. Teens like to stay away from places where grownups gather which is one of the major reasons why even the most popular social networks online do not have a large teen crowd.

TeensAbout.com, which is recently creating a huge buzz among the teens and the youth, is specifically designed for the teens. It is considered a Twitter for teens. The entire network, user interface, the theme of this social network, everything is designed specifically for the teens and not wonder teens get instantly attracted to TeensAbout.com. This teen network has a very simple design that is easy on the eyes - something that is just perfect for teens. TeenAbout allows live updates and texting like Twitter but the difference here is that it is meant for teens and not the general crowd. TeenAbout is one of the best ways of keeping touch with friends. This network is not limited to any particular geographic zone; it is open to teens from all over the world. It helps teens make new friends, upload their photos, tell the world what they are currently doing through micro blogging. Teens enjoy using the text updates and image updates.

TeensAbout.com is a free teen’s community website, and the signup process if very simple. This social network does not ask for too many unnecessary details while signing up. This is one of the safest networks and it does not try to sell anything to the teens. It is purely a teen’s community site and the user information is kept safe. One just need to have an email address to signup for a free account. The signup process cannot get any simpler.

TeensAbout.com has a very easy to use interface for text updates as well as image updates. Live updates go online in single clicks; teens love telling the world what they are up to and TeenAbout.com is the perfect way of doing it. Teens also love the cool image updates feature. For more information and for membership visit http://www.TeensAbout.com