Kikini Launches New Social Matchmaking Site

Website designed for college students uses advanced technology to make it easy and fun to meet new people online.

Online PR News – 28-September-2010 – – Seattle, WA—September 28, 2010—Today, Kikini launched a free matchmaking website for college students across the country. The site,, was designed from the ground up to make it easy and fun to meet interesting new people to date. The result is a radical departure from traditional online dating sites.

On Kikini, users get to know each other through fun, simple interactions called flirts. For example, one user might predict another user’s future, suggest a vacation destination, or simply decide whether they’re more of a pirate or a ninja. Users receive notification of these flirts in their individual news stream, and they can respond to the most interesting ones. Once two users are comfortable flirting with each other, they can invite each other to chat directly, and make plans to meet up.

“Kikini is based on a very simple idea: that meeting new people should be fun,” said Jon Vincent, the founder and CEO. “Dating sites usually put a lot of pressure on you to find your ‘perfect’ match. Kikini helps you meet as many people as you want, and it keeps things casual and fun, so there’s no stress.”

The site also makes personalized match recommendations for each user. By constantly analyzing its flirt history data, Kikini can determine what types of people each user is interested in meeting. “We’ve seen the power of personalized recommendations in everything from music to news to shopping,” said Eddy Escardo-Raffo, a Kikini engineer and co-founder. “Kikini brings the power of that technology to dating, and it’s great. There’s always someone new and interesting to meet.”

The site is now open to all U.S. college students. To sign up, students must have a valid .edu email address.

About Kikini: Kikini is a free social matchmaking site that makes it easy and fun to flirt with new people online.

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