Transgendered writer publishes eleventh novel in the best selling Miriam series.

The Miriam novels are about getting to know a London family, experiencing their lives and perhaps even learning to love them.

Online PR News – 05-December-2015 – Grays Essex – Percy and Bert—A Miriam Story
Miriam was born into a warm East London Edwardian family in 1907. The first of four daughters to Percy and Faith Burrow, her youthful years were as eventful as her father and his twin brother, the unmanageable and troublesome, Bert.
The boys, born in 1874, the sons of Emma and Samuel, residents of Smithfield were to see great changes in their lifetime. Join Percy and Bert as their lives are traced from birth to when Percy marries Faith and she tells him that they are expecting their first child. Meanwhile, Bert’s vexatious young life prepares him for the kind of obliging and indispensably isolated man he is to become.

Miriam’s Early Years 1907-1938
A Year In Holloway (about Miriam in prison) 1938-1939
Miriam’s War 1939-1945
Miriam’s Family Life 1945-1948
Miriam’s Silver Years Part One 1948-1955
Miriam’s Silver Years Part Two 1955-1963
Miriam’s Golden Years 1963-1990s

Four more sidebar books in the Miriam series now are:

Miriam’s Presence at Christmas
Peter and April
Miriam’s Family Blitz
Percy and Bert—A Miriam Story