Seasoned Film Editor Sunghwan Moon Lends His Skill to the Series "Three People'

Film editor Sunghwan Moon wraps production on the new comedy series "Three People" due out in 2016.

Online PR News – 05-December-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Korean born film editor Sunghwan Moon who is known for his work as the editor on the award-winning films "And The Wind Falls" and "Tracks," as well as for his work on the hit television series "Iris," recently wrapped production on the new comedy series "Three People," which is slated to air in January 2016.

The comedy series follows Cassie played by Alyssa Sabo ("HollyWayne"), a twenty-something blogger whose best friends reluctantly take her in as their new roommate after she gets dumped by the man she believes to be her one and only true love.

About Moon's work on the series, Paige Devitt, the show's creator and executive producer, as well as one of the directors says, "Moon was both an excellent editor and a wonderful collaborator. He contributed both his extraordinary editing skills and an astute comedic perspective to the production, constantly working to come up with effective and creative solutions. I would work with him again and recommend him to others without question."

Moon also recently wrapped production as the lead editor on the romantic fantasy webseries "Fall Into Me: British Billionaire" directed by award-winning director Yoko Okumura, one of eight webseries that will be released on Lifetime's new digital franchise "Fall Into Me."

"Although it is a web series, everyone treated it just like a indie movie or TV series, which the producers wanted. It was very pleasant since I knew the director and DP... Although we hadn't worked together before, we could tell we were speaking the same language... That made everything much easier," explains Moon about editing the new series.


"Fall Into Me" marks Lifetime's first entry into the world of original scripted content for digital platforms, and each series will be comprised of eight episodes that are told from a woman's perspective. The concept for "Fall Into Me" was developed by Emmy nominated screenwriter Guy Shalem with Propagate Content producing the eight shows that will be included on the new platform.

Prior to moving to the U.S. Moon established himself as one of the top editors in South Korea through his work as the lead editing force on a plethora of the country's highly acclaimed projects.

Moon was the sole lead editor on the trailers for the Korean espionage TV drama "Iris" starring Lee Byung-hun, an actor American audiences will recognize best from his performance as Storm Shadow in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra" and "G.I. Joe: Retaliation." Lee Byung-hun was also one of the first Korean actors, along with Ahn Sung-ki, to leave his hand and foot prints on the forecourt of the famous Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

"Iris" was named Korea's top rated TV Show in 2009 with a whopping 40 percent of the South Korean viewing audience tuning in for its finale; and in 2010 it was acknowledged as the Best Foreign Production at the International Drama Festival in Tokyo.

While in Korea he was also the editor of the on-air promotions for the Disney Channel and Disney Junior channel, as well as the editor of several hit music videos for Korean pop and indie stars including Standing Egg, Winterplay, Loveholic, Shin Seung-Hun, Lee Jung-hyun and others.

In late 2014 Moon wrapped production on Shuming He's film "And the Wind Falls," which follows Millie, a newly sober single mother who finds work at a motor inn and attempts to put her life back together so that she can be reunited with her daughter who had been placed in foster care. The powerful climax of the film's story arises when a large sum of money is stolen from a guest who is found murdered at the inn, a chain of events that threaten Millie's chance of reclaiming her life, dignity and most importantly, her daughter. Moon's ability to build tension with in the story with his genius film cuts helped make the film "And the Wind Falls" a hit with international audiences.

The film had its world premiere at the 25th Singapore International Film Festival last December, and it has continued making its way across the festival circuit this year where it has received extensive praise being chosen as an Official Selection of the 6th Singapore Short Film Awards where it earned a Special Mention Award, as well as the Sunderland Shorts Film Festival where it screened in July.

As an editor working in the Hollywood entertainment industry, Moon brings a unique set of tools to the table as an editor thanks to his international upbringing, which allows him to see the stories and footage he cuts from a different perspective.

Over the last decade Moon has successfully created a diverse repertoire of work that spans virtually every genre and includes film, television, web series, music videos, commercials and trailers, a rarity in Hollywood where editors are often boxed into specific categories of work with little room for deviation.

Aside from the new series "Three People" and "Fall Into Me: British Billionaire," Moon is also working as the assistant editor on James Franco's upcoming film "In Dubious Battle" starring James Hutcherson and Selena Gomez.

As for what's next, Moon admits, "Although I’m leaning towards feature films, I don’t mind doing a TV series as long as it has a good story. A good story is probably the only thing that matters."

He is currently in talks with the producers of the upcoming film "Breaking Brooklyn" to join the production team headed by editor Claudia Castello ("Fruitvale Station," "Breaking Through," "Creed") as assistant editor in January 2016.