Australia’s gold standardChai Latte‘Bondi Chai’ enters into Singapore Market

The Bondi Chai story began when two Australians Mr. Martin Buggy and his partner Melissa Edyvean created their own Bondi Chai Latte.

Online PR News – 05-December-2015 – Singapore – They easily captured the Australian market as more than 3000 cafés use their pre-mix powders, in addition to retail outlets that sell them. They have won many awards and termed as one of Australia's favourite Cafe Beverage.

Now the owners have a dream to make the same success story in Singapore as it is one of the biggest commercial hubs of Asia. The pre-mix chai latte powder caters to those who are culinary adventurers, health enthusiasts and for those with sweet tooth as Bondi Chai is very versatile to use in various drink and food recipes.

The distribution rights for Singapore for Bondi Chai has been awarded to Viegreen Trading Pte Ltd. Viegreen Trading will be importing, distributing and marketing the products extensively in Singapore. Bondi Chai will be part of the SG50 celebrations, look out for the ads in Today newspaper on 6th, 9th and 17th of August, National Day special editions. Viegreen Trading will manage the sales & distribution as Bondi Chai Singapore.

Viegreen Trading aims to forge Strategic Marketing Alliance with the local F&B players to provide value to the consumers and to the strategic partners. Viegreen Trading aims to support the Marketing Alliance with print advertisements and marketing events. In addition, further marketing support to F&B players with be provide via above the line and below the line marketing. These include advertisements, marketing integration, IT & Design support, Research & content writing support, online marketing support, social media marketing& cross marketing promotions. Innovative & exciting marketing activities and recipe creations are being developed by the company to present an overall new and invigorating chai latte experience to consumers.

Bondi Chai Singapore’s Facebook has also become very popular. It garnered around 5000 Facebook likes within one month of its launch. With an active engagement and participation, the Facebook serves as a direct communication medium to the Singaporean consumers. Some of the posts have even exceeded 2900 likes. Consumers have been giving good reviews and even suggesting cafes for where Bondi Chai could be served. Latest updates on new recipes, cafes serving Bondi Chai and with great pictures telling stories, Bondi Chai Singapore Facebook is an excellent focal point to learn more about the happenings of Bondi Chai in Singapore! It can be accessed at .

Bondi Chai Singapore is also pleased to announce the launch of its e-book ' Exclusively Singapore: Bondi Chai Drinks Recipe E-Book'. Bondi Chai Singapore created this e-book specially for the Singaporean market as part of the SG50 national day celebrations. The e-book is created for both the consumers and the cafes. Consumers can easily prepare the recipes at home. Cafes could cater to their customers with a new and invigorating Chai Latte experience incorporating these unique recipes at their outlets that will form a loyal following of ‘fans’for them. The 2 flavours of pre-mix chai latte powder, Club Cinnamon & Vanilla Honey, are the basis for the drinks. Vanilla Honey & Club Cinnamon chai latte powder is so versatile. They are halal -certified & also gluten free. Singapore has a sophisticated taste for unique flavours. A melting pot of various cultures, Singapore has various palates to cater for. The recipes cater to tea lovers, health conscious individuals, those with sweet tooth & for those who are loving for a culinary adventure. Ideal for Singapore climate & culture. All the recipes are so easy to make at home and the ingredients are readily available in supermarkets in Singapore. Consumers & cafe owners can expect a fun time experimenting, making and drinking the Bondi Chai drinks. Basically the e-book is divided into 4 sections with a total of 16 recipes:

1. Signature Chai Latte

The signature Bondi Chai Latte recipe just for Singapore :-Bondi Chai Chendol.
Chendol is a very popular dessert in Singapore. The blend of the coconut and gula Melaka (palm sugar) taste is heavenly. With the added red bean paste & green pandanchendol, it is a visual & culinary treat. But what about adding chai? The taste of the chai blends in well. The after-taste of the chai from the Vanilla Honey flavour gives an incorporating experience! It is designed to be a drink so it can be enjoyed on the go! Presenting an Uniquely Singaporean taste - Bondi Chai Chendol!

2. Simple Chai:

These chai latte recipe are so easy to make at home. It is for tea lovers. Favourite tea of various kind (Green tea, Earl grey, etc) are blended together with the Vanilla Honey or Club Cinnamon flavours. The taste of the specific favourite tea fuses perfectly together with the chai latte flavours to provide a soothing taste. A wonderfully different brew for the Singaporean palate! For a less sugary taste, increase the concentrate and reduce the milk content. For a healthier version, skimmed milk can be used instead. These recipes are designed and aimed to provide consumers with calmness & relaxationsessations. The Bondi Chai Chin Chow is a unique Singaporean fusion! Something from the ordinary to a classic different avatar, these recipes are not to be missed!

3. Exquisite Chai:

Premium recipes for a treat. Ideal for parties, get-together and festivals. To impress family, friends and guests. But very easy to make. The taste of the milky nuts or fruits hits first, followed by the chai flavour. The after-taste of the tea is just great. For a healthier version, skimmed milk can be used and with reduced syrup content. For those with a real sweet tooth, increasing the syrup content will yield greater ecstasy levels. For a creamier texture, the quantity for the fruits and nuts could be increased. The Dates Chai Latte caters to the sweet tooth lovers and a surprise package, ’Pumpkin Chai Latte’ serves a warm & soothing blend.

4. Bondi Chai Smoothies

For fruit and smoothie lovers, Bondi Chai Smoothie recipes quenches their cravings. Using fresh fruits, it a variety of refreshing chilled drinks! The taste of the fruits tickles the tongue first followed by the tea. Fresh fruits can be substitute with canned or dried fruits. For healthier version, it can be switched to skimmed milk. For creamier texture, more fruits can be added. You can add 1 tablespoon of whey protein to make it into a protein shake! For sweet tooth lovers, just adding one spoon of maple, hazelnut or caramel syrup will serve their sweet appetite. The smoothies are great for pairing with fresh fruits. The cut fruits and chilled chai smoothies should be enjoyed together. Great for the hot tropical Singaporean climate. The Lychee Chai Latte Smoothie and Mango Chai Latte Smoothie just complement to the uniquely Singapore taste.

The e-book can be downloaded at . To contact Bondi Chai Singapore or Viegreen TradingPte Ltd, please email at .