Tavolozza, the Canvas Story, Hosts 2nd Successful Exhibition at Birla Art Academy

Tavolozza, The Canvas Story, Unveils A Mesmerizing Art Show In Association With ALL (All Ladies League)

Online PR News – 05-December-2015 – Kolkata – Tavolozza, the canvas story, Kolkata’s quirkiest art boutique inaugurated a mesmerizing art exhibition in association with ALL (All Ladies League) and in presence of eminent artist Sri Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya at Birla Academy of Art & Culture. Ms. Sonal Mandal, Chapter Chairperson, ALL State of West Bengal, Country Head Fisheries India was also present there.
Tavolozza art is all about the contemporary art and contemporary women- her longings, her aspirations, her likings and her desires. She is multifaceted and multitalented. She jet sets around the world and yet she is plagued by self doubts when society makes her walk through fire again and again. Her soul longs to soar above to break the glass ceilings all around her and at the same time she revels in her inner spirituality. Tavolozza is all about the women today. Its latest collection of art salutes her spirit.
Tavalozza founding trio, Sanjeeta Ahmed, Surabhi Agarwal & Richa Dalmia would be showcasing their exquisite paintings at the show. Sanjeeta will portray the freedom of unfettered and unimpeded soul through her collection “The Longing”. Surabhi explored music as the words of the soul, sound of feelings and freedom of expression through “Philomel – Sitar” and “Sands of Time” by Richa has illustrated in her canvases, that which is lost in the unstoppable sands of times, lives on in our memories.
Speaking on the occasion Sanjeeta Ahmed, Surabhi Agarwal & Richa Dalmia, Founder, Tavolozza said, “Tavolozza seeks to revolutionize the Indian art domain by creating branded art which is customized. As buying art becomes increasingly acceptable and a must do in most home decors, Tavolozza also focuses to create a brand which would be a one stop shop for any kind of art that one might be looking for to adorn private and public spaces.”
About Founder
Being a fantastic musician, Surabhi dexterously infuses Indian aesthetic into contemporary art– her focal point remains texture. With the passion of Mixing and playing with colors she conveys a realistic sense of three dimensional vivid spaces in her paintings. She is also the State Sub Committee Chairperson, West Bengal Art and Culture of ALL.
A founding partner at Tavolozza, painting to Richa is a form of self-realization which an absolute standout are the intricate works to shows experiments on textures, mediums and technique where she depicts nature in its tranquil beauty with the help of kaleidoscopic colour play.
A self taught interior designer, Sanjeeta Ahmed is a libertine who loves exploring the surreal and translating it on paper. Figments of imagination become a pronouncing aspect in all her works reflecting a style greatly different from her contemporaries that is “Art is the medium of expression”.

About Tavolozza
Exhibiting a surreal mix of the Bohemian and the Baroque, Tavolozza, is the brain child of three friends – Surabhi, Richa and Sanjeeta; upcoming and renowned Indian female contemporary painters of international acclaim. A standout platform promoting ideals of free world painting, Tavolozza is more about creating connect through art than selling works nonchalantly. Ms. Surabhi Agarwal is also the State Sub Committee Chairperson, West Bengal Art and Culture of ALL.

About ALL
ALL Ladies League (ALL) is the world’s largest All-inclusive international women’s chamber and a movement for the Welfare, Wealth, and Wellbeing of ALL. The acronym ALL stands for the mindset and culture of loving outreach and integration that the hope will create a cultural shift toward seeing one in ALL and ALL in One.