Renowned Plastic Surgeon Expands Practice to Santa Monica

After years in Arizona, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Cohen has opened a Santa Monica, CA office to grow his popular practice.

Online PR News – 06-December-2015 – Santa Monica, California – Dr. Robert Cohen (, a leading aesthetic breast and body plastic surgeon in Arizona, has expanded his practice to Santa Monica to meet the demand of patients in Southern California and to spend more time with his wife's family in the Los Angeles area.

Dr. Cohen spent a year in Los Angeles during his fellowship, and he says during that time he developed a love for Southern California and the Santa Monica area, in particular. Dr. Cohen had always considered the possibility of performing plastic surgery in Santa Monica on a regular basis, and he decided to make that dream a reality in the late summer of 2015.

"I feel like I have proven my skills in aesthetic surgery in the Scottsdale market, and I would love to be known as one of the best surgeons for breast augmentation in Santa Monica, as well," Dr. Cohen says.

In order to facilitate the expansion, Dr. Cohen spoke with one of his good friends, Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, who already had one of the busiest aesthetic plastic surgery practices in the Santa Monica area. They arranged for Dr. Cohen to use Dr. Teitelbaum's state-of-the-art office and operating room and to have the assistance of Dr. Teitelbaum's highly trained staff.

Expanding a practice is never an easy thing as it takes time to build a local reputation and to establish a high-quality and efficient office

"Expanding a practice is never an easy thing, as it takes time to build a local reputation and to establish a high-quality and efficient office," Dr. Cohen says. "Dr. Teitelbaum has helped me get a head-start, and I consider myself lucky to get to use his beautiful facility and work with his excellent staff."

For now, Dr. Cohen travels back and forth between Scottsdale and Los Angeles each week, so that one week is spent operating on and seeing patients in Scottsdale, while the next week is spent in Santa Monica. Dr. Cohen's office manager, Bri, is always available to set up consultations and surgeries in each city.

"I am very particular about quality, and as a result, the office environment for my patients has to meet an extremely high standard," Dr. Cohen says. "Luckily, Dr. Teitelbaum shares that concern. The office is warm and beautifully decorated with subtle colors and rich wood accents, and the office staff are friendly and professional."

The office is next to the prestigious Saint John's Health Center, and the operating room is in the same building, just as it is in Dr. Cohen's Scottsdale location.

"The O.R. staff and board-certified M.D. anesthesiologists are top-notch, and some of them even worked with me 11 years ago during my L.A. fellowship," he says.

Dr. Cohen says his goals for his Santa Monica practice are the same as for his Scottsdale practice: to provide the highest quality and safest care, with the most beautiful and natural results possible. He also says that, due to his high volume of long-distance and international patients, he is excited to have 2 locations for maximum convenience for his fly-in patients.

As in Scottsdale, Dr. Cohen plans on becoming a resource for Southern California surgeons who need assistance with the most complicated revision breast augmentation cases. He has started making efforts to this effect, by lecturing on aesthetic surgery topics to University of Southern California plastic surgery residents.

"I am really looking forward to becoming more involved in local plastic surgery organizations," he says, "and I hope to speak regularly on the latest advances. I'm very eager to serve this community that's already served me so well."


Dr. Robert Cohen ( is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering extensive options for plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation in Santa Monica, California, and Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Cohen received his medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine and trained in general and plastic surgery at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Dr. Cohen also received advanced surgery training in the prestigious W. Grant Stevens aesthetic surgery fellowship. He has presented numerous plastic surgery research studies through peer-reviewed journals and professional societies and is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a course instructor in complex breast surgery for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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