Cube Inc. provides a new multilingual translation service “YAKUSURU”
Supporting corporations considering overseas expansion

Online PR News – 05-December-2015 – Roppongi, Minato-ku – Roppongi, Tokyo (September 29, 2015) - The Language Translation Service, Cube Inc. (CEO Jin Saito) offers quality high-speed multilingual translation services “YAKUSURU” for a reasonable price for corporations considering overseas expansion. Translation service is offered online recently, most of it being automated and offered at a low price. Automated translation tends to be off the mark, not being able to translate expressions or the nuance of the original sentence. Understanding of the history, culture, background of the country where the language originated is required to provide the accurate meaning of the translation to the reader.
On the other hand, rapid translation is required considering the rapid growth of global business.
Cube Inc. provides High Quality, Low Cost, Speedy Translation by translation in-house with professional translators.

Cube Inc. provides high-quality translation service consistently. Our staff, with their long-term translation business careers, can translate the accurate meaning of the original text.
Translation being done by native professionals in each area of expertise enables us to provide service in a wide variety of fields.
Speed is considered an important factor on the recent business scene.
Cube Inc. provides speed translation service by having partnerships with a large number of professional translators, making it able for us to provide our service by the requested date.
Our mission is to provide excellent service and help corporations considering overseas business expansion at an affordable price.

Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, Spanish, French.