Kids Collective Welcomes Parents to Involve in Preschool Life

Kids Collective encourages parents to participate in kids’ preschool education

Online PR News – 05-December-2015 – Culver City, CA – Kids Collective, a Montessori and Reggio preschool in Los Angeles, welcomes parents to take active part in the preschool life, including parenting education programs, celebration and graduation parties, volunteer activities. Kids Collective underlines the importance of a strong preschool family, where parents, teachers and children collaboratively interact towards a common goal. Parents can also provide value by fundraising and volunteering.
Kids Collective welcomes parents to attend special parenting classes that covers an education program, Halloween and graduation parties, field classes and volunteering activities. Twice a year, parents are encouraged to visit parent/teacher conferences where they can get insights into their children’s program attendance and receive an assessment report on social, physical and cognitive development of their kids. Parents are welcomed to share their views on relevant topics and provide suggestions and comments. Parents can also come to the preschool and share their viewpoints and concerns with parents throughout the year.
“Kids Collective realizes that parents play a vital role in the life of young children. They need parental love and support that cannot be replaced by anything else. Montessori and Reggio philosophies promote parental involvement in children’s education. They are not guidelines how to raise a successful child, but attitudes to life and upbringing that emphasize independence, respect, love and patience to children”, - comments a preschool representative.
Reggio and Montessori based programs at Kids Collective combine a broad range of indoor and outdoor activities that can be arranged by parents at home. They include practical-life activities, writing and reading classes with Montessori materials, walks in the woods, and much more.

About the company:
Kids Collective is a private Montessori preschool in Culver City. Its combined Reggio and Montessori program provides the essential background that children need to get the most of their early years – from birth to the age of six.