Medguard Launched More New Products Fire Door Retainers & Door Holders

Medguard, located in Ashbourne announces the launch of fire safety products used at offices, homes and a lot more places.

Online PR News – 03-December-2015 – Ireland – Medguard, located in Ashbourne announces the launch of fire safety products used at offices, homes and a lot more places. The products, namely are Dorgard Fire Door Retainers & Agrippa Digital Door Holders. Since they specialize in providing a huge variety of medical, safety and consumable products, people from Ireland admire their products’ performance, quality services and products they cater. These two products have added importance to their offerings as buyers will be getting high quality equipments to safeguard their offices and residences from damages caused by fire.

The modern concept of equipping fire doors with advanced products like retainers and holders has helped reduce the chances of accidents. Hence, people prefer fire safety equipments to avoid such situations. Be it a home, hospital, school, college or an office, it is must to have such fire equipments to save our lives from hazardous situations. Medguard thrives to provide every fire product with hi-end features and specifications. Alike other medical products, fire door retainers and wireless digital door holders are efficient enough to utilize for the particular situation.

The company owner stated about the current market of Fire protection equipments, “We have been keeping eyes on the needs of people when it comes to catering such products to them. This helps us examine various requirements and also leads us to a better supplier; we are very much into the things that cause damage and hence, we try to offer such products & equipments which can be a great helping hand in the lives of people! Looking at the current market of fire safety equipments, what we have noticed that, there will be a revolutionary change with advanced technologies. Such equipments may vary from requirement to requirement, for eg, one of our offerings include door holders with alarm with advanced features.”

Add to it, the owner also shared some great experiences of their buyers who purchase such products and save the lives of many people from fire damages! The product called “Dorgard fire door retainer” keeps fire door open during office operation. Just in case, the fire is caught, Dorgard picks up the acoustic signal and alarm buzzes and releases the door retainer. This product helps door to close and stop the spread of fire. Dorgard fire door retainers can be easily installed, fit and used. It doesn’t take longer time to get fit! And this is the key benefit of this product.

Another intelligent product called, “Agrippa digital door holder” legally holds and opens fire doors of buildings where access is needed. It is a wireless equipment that is securely well armed with a fire alarm! It learns the fire alarm sound and then releases the doors during a fire event. This equipment holds fire doors open for ease of access; moreover, it is installed in just a few minutes. One of the key features is, it learns the false activations which are virtually eliminated! Both of these products are designed in a modern way with attractive elements. They are found in almost all colors.

Various industry verticals, these days need such fire protection equipment with modernized concepts and designs. They prefer compact solutions/systems/products so as to save the space. So, these two products of Medguard fall under the primary factors. Dorgard fire door retainers and Agrippa digital door holders are easy to maintain and use for a longer time. Such fire protectors against damage are very much required at any place or building!

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Medguard, one of the leading Healthcare product suppliers based in Ashbourne has launched a whole new bunch of products for fire safety. Their fire door retainers and door holders are the qualitative products offered across the globe! Medguard is said to be the professional retail supplier in Ireland! The products are combined with customer values and care.