Now Better Service to Be Available from
12/05/2015 has announced that they would offer better and faster airport transfer service.

Online PR News – 05-December-2015 – Stralsund – has announced that they would offer better and faster airport transfer service. The announcement arrived at yesterday’s press conference organized at a local hall.

The company announced to start improved service with Alicante and Mallorca Airport Transfers and vowed to extend its horizon to other airports in immediate future. While facing the audiences, the company’s chief marketing executive explained the need of offering an improved service that scores high on speed as well as comfort. “What do you want before taking a flight journey? The obvious answers are safety, comfort and complete relaxation. Another aspect most of you are obsessed with is low cost. The same goes true when you seek for transfer service from and to airport. All these four are packaged and presented together throughout airport transfer service.

Airport transfer is one of the most sought-after services for the frequent or even occasional passengers. We have wanted to better our service by making it faster and safer. Our airport transfer service is available at several major cities around the world. However, we have chosen Alicante and Mallorca to start with our new-phase and new-age transfer service”. Reputed airport transfer service is of professional type and involves both-side transport. Transfer service is provided to both the passengers and their luggage. The company has a fleet of cabs, mini buses and mini coaches and uses them for transfer purpose according to particulars specified by the passengers.

The market is becoming very competitive, with several agencies trying hard to offer low-cost service in order to expand their business horizon. Unfortunately, in their insane effort to vie for customers’ curious attention, many of them are lowering quality of service. “Low cost is such a priority that most of the flight passengers overlook the aspect of quality. We keep a tab on both – quality and cost. Even when we are considering more improvement on quality of service, there is no question of pushing the cost to a shockingly higher level. Cost will find an increase over time but it will also have some alignment with the industry standard or even be less than that level”.

While outlining the mainstays of Mallorca Airport Transfers, one higher-up said, “Time is more valuable than any asset that you have. Once it is lost, there is no way to get it back. By offering faster service, we will save your time and by making it better, we will give you more comfort and safety. At the same time, you never find it hard to afford our excellent transfer as we have always wanted to have people from different backgrounds in our profile”.

Its name is self-explanatory. The company offers transfer service for the airport-bound passengers and those arriving at the airport. They have their service network in different cities and popular tourist destinations. Conjugation of excellence and low cost has made them a name in their niche.